What Happened To Yuji Itadori’s Arms? Yuji's New Powers and Cursed Technique Explained

What Happened To Yuji Itadori’s Arms? Yuji’s New Powers and Cursed Technique Explained

In JJK Chapter 238, we caught a glimpse of Yuji Itadori’s arm, hinting at the source of his newfound abilities. Yuji Itadori finally stepped into the spotlight and was ready to fight Sukuna. Gojo was defeated and killed by Sukuna in their battle. After defeating Gojo Sukuna fully took over Megumi’s body. For far too long, he had been sidelined, his powers shrouded in secrecy after Sukuna took control of Megumi’s body. However, just as the stage seemed set for an epic showdown, the focus abruptly shifted to Kenjaku. He is now the center of attention in the manga.

Yuji is stronger than a lot of characters in JJKverse in terms of physical strength and hand-to-hand combat. However, when it comes to the Cursed Technique. Yuji has no cursed technique of his own.

What Happened To Yuji Itadori’s Arms? Yuji's New Powers and Cursed Technique Explained

What Happened To Yuji Itadori’s Arms

Yuji’s arm, depicted in the color spread, bears a striking resemblance to Sukuna’s. In Chapter 238, we see Yuji stealing the spotlight and joining the fight. He bites his arm, showcasing that the new powers are linked to his arm. It looks similar to Sukuna. However, the fin-like things on his arm are unique. Yuji now has claws and his arm is red. However, the new powers have not yet been revealed in the manga. There are only speculations by fans.

Yuji gains Sukuna’s Powers

One speculation is that Yuji has now gained Sukuna’s powers. Sukuna was in Yuji’s body for quite a while. His body must have absorbed Sukuna’s cursed energy and now Yuji can use Sukuna’s powers too.

It was speculated before that Yuji would be able to control and use Sukuna’s powers. however, after Sukuna managed to leave his body and take over Megumi’s. This speculation was shunned. But maybe, he still has the cursed energy?

Gojo has foretold that Yuji’s body will eventually adapt to Sukuna’s techniques, but until now, we have witnessed only glimpses of this transformation.

Yuji Soul Manipulation

Another speculation is that Yuji can manipulate souls. Mahito had this ability to manipulate his soul. Yuji got the research on soul manipulation by Choso.

However, Yuji’s soul manipulation won’t be like Mahito’s. Speculation is that he will be able to swap souls with another person.

Yuji is the son of Kenjaku, it was revealed in the manga that Kenjaku was possessing his mother when Itadori was born. So it must have some sort of effect on his cursed energy because he is actually a son of the cursed spirit “Kenjaku”.

Cursed Wombs Yuji Ate

A few chapters ago, Yuji ate Cursed Wombs. These cursed objects consist of the blood of both cursed spirits and humans. Choso told Yuji about the cursed womb death paintings. Yuji said, “To beat that creep I will eat anything”. So maybe the change in his arm is because of eating the cursed object.

Yuji Black Flash

Yuji Black Flash is perfected while fighting Mahito. His black flash managed to damage Mahito’s soul. Gojo also managed to knock down Sukuna using black flash. Maybe Yuji’s black flash will become so strong that he will be able to damage Sukuna.

For now, there is no concrete news on Yuji Itadori’s cursed technique but we will surely see him in action and his new powers.

What Happened To Yuji Itadori’s Arms? Yuji's New Powers and Cursed Technique Explained

Final Words

We will soon see Yuji vs Sukuna battle. However, Yuji’s powers are still a mystery. It could be a cursed weapon, cursed ability, or Sukuna dormant powers showing up in his body.

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