JJK Agito Merged Beast Explained: JJK Chapter 234 Gojo vs Agito

JJK Agito Merged Beast Explained: JJK Chapter 234 Gojo vs Agito

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, one of the most intriguing and powerful entities that has captured the attention of fans is the Merged Beast Agito. The entity was summoned using a special technique.

Ten Shadows Technique is a technique passed down in the Zenin Family. With this technique, soccer can summon ten different shikagami. Megumi was the user of the Ten Shadows Technique.

Agito was summoned by Sukuna after taking over Megumi’s body, showcasing Sukuna’s mastery of the Ten Shadows Cursed Technique.

JJK Agito Merged Beast Explained: JJK Chapter 234 Gojo vs Agito

JJK Merged Beast Agito’s First Appearance

In chapter 233 of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans were treated to the grand reveal of Merged Beast Agito. This fusion shikigami sent shockwaves through the fandom, with its awe-inspiring appearance and immense power.

Initially, there was some confusion regarding the exact nature of this new beast and the shikigami that contributed to its formation. However, subsequent chapters shed light on the true identity of Merged Beast Agito.

Sukuna chanted Nue…Totality.. before summoning Merged Beast Agito. Fans speculated how Agito was formed, and what shikigami fusion made Agito. However, it was not revealed in Chapter 233, it was revealed in Chapter 234.

JJK Agito Merged Beast Explained: JJK Chapter 234 Gojo vs Agito

The Fusion of Shikigami

In JJK chapter 234, it is revealed that Merged Beast Agito is a fusion of multiple shikigami, namely the Nue, the Great Serpent, the Round Deer, and the Mourn Tiger. Each of these shikigami brings unique attributes and abilities to the table, resulting in a creature of unparalleled strength.

  • Nue: The Nue forms the core of Merged Beast Agito, providing its face, hand with claws and wings, and potentially its ability to unleash electric shock attacks.
  • Great Serpent: The Great Serpent contributes its tail to the amalgamation, adding an element of power and possibly poison to Merged Beast Agito’s arsenal.
  • Round Deer: The Round Deer’s torso and legs become a part of Merged Beast Agito, potentially granting it the ability to utilize the Reverse Cursed Technique.
  • Mourn Tiger: The Mourn Tiger, previously unknown to readers, is revealed to be the tenth and final shikigami of Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique. Its antlers adorn Merged Beast Agito, completing its fearsome appearance.

Agito Powers

Merged Beast Agito possesses the electric shock attacks of Nue, the reverse-cursed technique output of the Round Deer, and potentially, the poison or other unknown abilities of the Great Serpent and Mourn Tiger.

How strong was Agito against Gojo?

The battle between Gojo and Agito began with an intriguing twist. Initially, it seemed like Gojo had the upper hand, overwhelming Sukuna with his formidable powers. However, the tide quickly turned when Sukuna summoned Mahoraga, a powerful Shikigami. Suddenly, Gojo found himself in a 3-on-1 battle, facing relentless attacks from both Sukuna and Agito.

JJK Agito Merged Beast Explained: Gojo vs Agito

Gojo’s quick thinking led him to unleash a devastating Black Flash attack on Agito, aiming to incapacitate him. Although the attack didn’t cause significant damage.

With its powerful tail and incredible healing abilities, Agito posed a significant challenge. Gojo quickly realized that Agito’s tail was made of Nue, inheriting the powers of the Great Serpent, Mourn Tiger, and Round Deer.

In the battle, Gojo lost his arm. Despite the setback, Gojo had a hidden surprise up his sleeve. Unleashing his Blue technique, he confronted Agito with a smile, deeming it unworthy. Gojo delivered a powerful punch, infused with Blue: Maximum Output, leaving Agito crushed under the impact and Agito was defeated.

Final Words

This fusion shikigami, born from the combination of Nue, Great Serpent, Round Deer, and Mourn Tiger, showcases the immense power and skill of Sukuna. However, Agito was defeated by Gojo.

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