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Is Takaba Stronger Than Sukuna in JJK?

JJK Chapter 242 leaks shocked JJK Fans as we got to see Takaba’s cursed technique “Comedian” in action.

Gege keeps on introducing new abilities and characters in JJK. Gojo fought Sukuna, even though Gojo said he is stronger than Sukuna. Sukuna managed to kill Gojo.

Sukuna is currently possessing Megumi’s body in order to use Ten Shadow Techniques that can rival Gojo. Some fans believe that Takaba’s ability can even defeat Sukuna. Let’s discuss this.

JJK Chapter 242 has not yet been released. However, the leaks are already surfacing. On Twitter, there are many leakers such as JJK Mya, also known as Myamura.

He is a prominent leaker in the Jujutsu Kaisen community, particularly on Twitter. Nobody knows how he gets those leaks.

In the last chapter 241, we see Takaba’s past, his college days. He wanted to become an entertainer and make people laugh.

Is Takaba Stronger Than Sukuna in JJK?

Is Takaba Stronger Than Sukuna in JJK?

Takaba has the power to manipulate reality. If he thinks something is funny, it becomes true. His cursed technique is one of the most powerful techniques in the series. However, Takaba does not know the full extent of his powers.

His ability is very unique in the way that he was able to make Kenjaku a nurse. Kenjaku, the special grade cursed spirit who managed to plan everything including Shibuya Arc and Culling games.

Recently, in chapter 173, it was proven that the Takaba cursed technique can rival even Gojo.

Kenjaku also managed to figure out Takaba’s ability that he can twist the imaginations of his enemies as well. So, he can not be defeated by normal means when he is using his cursed technique. When he uses his cursed technique battle is not about who is stronger anymore but rather who is more funnier.

However, when compared to Sukuna, Takaba does not have much experience in battles. He is a failed comedian, he just wanted to be a comedian and make people laugh. Kenjaku dragged him into culling games.

But what if Takaba uses his technique on Sukuna? Sukuna will need to act silly and more funnier than Takaba, can’t think of that happening.

JJK Chapter 242 starts with Kenjaku summoning a special grade curse Akuro Ouohtake However, he was instantly killed by Takaba.

Is Takaba Stronger Than Sukuna in JJK?

Final Words

While there is no definite proof of Takba being stronger than Sukuna. However, his cursed technique Comedian will obviously be a huge problem for Sukuna. Currently, it’s Sukuna vs Yuji in the manga but the fight hasn’t begun. Manga is more focused on Kenjaku being a nurse.

Yuji was sidelined for far too long and Gege must have realized it was time for Yuji to make a comeback. There is a high chance that Yuji will be the one to defeat Sukuna using his new cursed technique.

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