JJK Chapter 242 Leaks, Spoilers, and Release Date (Kenjaku is a Nurse)

JJK Chapter 242 Leaks, Spoilers, and Release Date (Kenjaku is a Nurse)

JJK or Jujutsu Kaisen is an ongoing manga by Gege Akutami. The animated live adaption of the manga is ongoing too and is currently at 116th chapter. Gojo was defeated by Sukuna and now Yuji is our only hope in JJKverse against Sukuna as most of the strong characters are already dead.

JJK Chapter 242 has not yet been released. However, the leaks are already surfacing. On Twitter, there are many leakers such as JJK Mya, also known as Myamura.

He is a prominent leaker in the Jujutsu Kaisen community, particularly on Twitter. Nobody knows how he gets those leaks.

In the last chapter 241, we see Takaba’s past, his college days. He wanted to become an entertainer and make people laugh.

Takaba’s cursed technique in Jujutsu Kaisen is known as “Comedian“. He has the power to manipulate reality. If he thinks something is funny, it becomes true.

His cursed technique is one of the most powerful techniques in the series. However, Takaba does not know the full extent of his powers.

JJK Chapter 242 Leaks, Spoilers, and Release Date (Kenjaku is a Nurse)

JJK Chapter 242 Leaks Takaba vs Kenjaku

As mentioned above, we saw Takaba’s past in the previous chapter. He was focusing on his comedy career and he had a partner who had a huge impact on him. In the manga, we saw him scolding his partner for being late.

However, they still continued the gig. Later, Takaba asks his partner if he really is interested in this gig. He should apologize like he means it. On this, his partner says he is turning into an anti-social jerk.

As soon as Kenjaku was ready to finish Takaba off, Takaba said something weird which shocked Kenjaku.

JJK Chapter 242 starts with Kenjaku summoning a special grade curse Akuro Ouohtake However, he was instantly killed by Takaba. Takaba’s power is to manipulate reality using his comedian cursed technique.

Kenjaku becomes a police officer and asks Takaba to breathe in a bag of water in which a goldfish is swimming.

If the fish dies he is arresting Takaba. However, the fish is already dead. Then they suddenly become doctors and try to revive the fish but they fail in doing so and then Kenjaku becomes a nurse.

After a while, Takaba conjures another scene in which they are both doing a quiz. Then Takaba hears the scream of a cat he tries to rescue. Turns out that cat is Kenjaku actually and he gets hit by a car. Another scene is conjured and they are now near a sea.

Kenjaku now realizes that his thoughts are getting manipulated again and again and if this goes on he will lose. The fight is not concluded and the chapter ends with both of them ready to fight.

JJK Chapter 242 Leaks, Spoilers, and Release Date (Kenjaku is a Nurse)

JJK Chapter 242 Release Date

Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 242, set to release on Monday, November 20, 2023, at 12:00 AM.

Time ZoneChapter Release Time
Japanese Standard Time (JST)Nov 20, 12:00 AM
Pacific Time (PST)Nov 19, 8:00 AM
Eastern Time (EST)Nov 19, 11:00 AM
British Time (GMT)Nov 19, 4:00 PM
European Time (CET)Nov 19, 5:00 PM

Final Words

So, Takaba is demonstrating how strong he is. Even though his abilities are broken, he is giving Kenjaku a tough time. His cursed technique can even rival Gojo. However, since he does not know the full extent of his powers. He is not using his curse technique at full power. In JJK Chapter 242, we are going to see more of Takaba and Kenjaku fight, well sort of.

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