Is Kenjaku Really Dead in JJK 243?

Is Kenjaku Really Dead in JJK 243?

Jujutsu Kaisen or JJK is an ongoing manga series by Gege Akutami. JJK Chapter 243 is scheduled to be released on 26th November, 2023. However, the leakers have already leaked most of the chapter. The title of the upcoming chapter JJK Chapter 243 has been leaked “Baka survivor – be too noisy”. The chapter concluded the fight between Kenjaku and Takaba. Meanwhile, our Yuji is still sidelined after his epic entrance and mysterious new powers.

On Twitter, there are many leakers such as JJK Mya, also known as Myamura. He is a prominent leaker in the Jujutsu Kaisen community, particularly on Twitter. Nobody knows how he gets those leaks.

JJK Chapter 243 Leaks and Raw Scans

Is Kenjaku Really Dead in JJK 243?

So, chapter 243 begins with stage comedy as we saw in chapter 242 they were in front of an open mic on stage and a huge crowd was watching them.

Takaba says you were really brutal in the beginning. On this, Kenjaku says: “Really”? They continue their stage comedy. After some time, Kenjaku and Takaba go silent. Kenjaku asks: Hey What’s wrong? On this Takaba says: “It’s almost over isn’t it?

Takaba starts to cry and tells Kenjaku, he does not want this to end. Takaba then pats Kenjaku and the illusion ends.

Kenjaku compliments Takaba and says he was super funny. After the illusion ends, Yuta appears from nowhere and slashes Kenjaku’s head off in JJK 243.

Kenjaku was shocked at how he did not sense Yuta and then realized it was because of Takaba.

Now fans are curious if Kenjaku is really dead in JJK Chapter 243. Kenjaku is a special-grade cursed spirit who was behind the culling games.

He took over the body of Geto, before that he possessed many other such as Yuji’s mom.

As Kenjaku was in the body of Geto, the cursed spirit is still alive. Meanwhile, the body is officially dead. He cannot use the body of Geto anymore. He has to choose a new host.

Final Words

So, here is your answer. For now, his head has been cut off from his body and Kenjaku cannot use the body of Geto anymore. The chapter has not been officially released it is scheduled to be released on 26th November, 2023. JJK Episode 42 is scheduled to release tomorrow.

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