What Happened in JJK Episode 40 (Jujutsu Kaisen)

What Happened in JJK Episode 40 (Jujutsu Kaisen)

JJK Episode 40 started with Megumi vs Toji. Toji was overwhelming Megumi and Megumi was already too tired from his previous battle with Dagon. Jujutsu Kaisen fans were eagerly waiting for Episode 40. This episode was supposed to conclude the fight between Megumi and Toji. The most awaited scene of Toji killing himself was also shown in this episode. In this article, we will discuss what happened in the JJK Episode 40.

What Happened in JJK Episode 40 (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 40 Explained

As mentioned above, the episode started with the battle between father and son. After realizing that Megumi is his son, Toji decides to end his life. It was confusing for Megumi but he never really got the chance to process all this as Haruto comes from behind and slashes Megumi.

Meanwhile, there was another battle going on in Shibuya. Another most awaited battle and the famous Sukuna’s fire arrow was finally animated in this episode.

The intense battle left Shibuya in chaos and Sukuna kept playing Jogo. Jogo went full out against Sukuna and didn’t even manage to scratch Sukuna. Then Sukuna challenges him to a fire battle, fires an arrow, and kills the cursed spirit.

In their battle, Shibuya was completely destroyed by the meteor Jogo brought to kill Sukuna.

Megumi badly injured, summons Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga. However, Mahoraga can not be controlled by Megumi so it was a huge gamble for him but Megumi felt like there was no other choice.

What Happened in JJK Episode 40 (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Final Words

Toji is dead and so is Jogo. However, Sukuna is alive and chilling. Meanwhile, Mahoraga is going out of control. So in the next episode, we are going to see Sukuna saving Megumi for his own reasons. We have already explained everything in our JJK Episode 41 Article.

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