How to Recover a Deleted Steam Account?

How to Recover a Deleted Steam Account?

Steam is the holy grail of video gaming, and the beloved store of every game lover out there, whether they are on PC or Console. The discussion thread is just a way to learn the latest news and communicate with others while making your account and purchasing games in a single place is something everyone enjoys Steam Launcher for.

But, sometimes due to various issues like getting hacked, blocked from a specific game, or just out of sheer anger, users are found deleting their accounts, which is not something we recommend. After a while, days, or even months, one might reconsider the action, wanting to recover their deleted Steam account. But can they?

Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you valuable details on How to Recover a Deleted Steam Account after you lose it.

Recover a Deleted Steam Account

Can you recover the account or information after deleting it from Steam?

The simplest answer to this question is No because Steam doesn’t help you regain access to your deleted account after the whole step is done. Butter on top, no one can ever regain access to their information on the Steam deleted account as well. It just doesn’t exist on the server, and you can’t get it back.

But still, there is one way that can help you recover the deleted Steam account after you have permanently deleted it out of sheer anger. Let’s talk about that below.

Account Deletion on Steam: Permanent and Non Recoverable

How to Recover a Deleted Steam Account?

After you have deleted your Steam Account because of any personal issue, and want to recover it again, there is one method – talking to Steam Support and explaining to them all the details.

There is a recovery process for every Steam User who accidently deletes his/her account from Steam. But keep in mind that there is no automatic recovery here, like other social media platforms, where you put in the personal details, and voila, the account is back.

How to Recover a Deleted Steam Account? Talk to Steam Support over their Support Website or refer to them on their Support Email

Steps to Recover Steam Deleted Account

  • Head over to Steam Help/Support
  • Select “My Account”
  • Click on “My Account is Stolen or Hijacked”
  • Proceed with the account password change
  • After that change your password
  • Try to login

You can also submit a ticket by logging into your Steam Account on the Steam Help page.

If you can’t login even after doing that, then you might want to simply email: Tell them about your issue, your Steam account, and all the details.

It is hard luck at this point and even after all of this, you might not be able to recover your deleted Steam account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Steam Account Delete Permanent?

Yes, the Steam Account Deletion process is permanent and no one can access the account or the information after deletion.

Q2: Can anyone recover their Deleted Steam Account themselves?

No, no one can recover the Steam Deleted Account themselves, and there is a small possibility of getting it back after contacting the support.

Q3: Are Steam Games in Deleted Steam Account Lost?

Yes, the games in the Deleted Steam Account are permanently lost, and there is no way to recover them afterward.

Q4: Is it possible that someone hacked or hijacked the Steam Account and Deleted it?

Yes, there is a possibility that one’s account might get hijacked stolen, or even hacked, and afterward, that Account gets Deleted.

Q5: Can you recover a hijacked, stolen, or hacked Steam Account?

Yes, head over to the Steam Help and select My Account. From there, check the account recovery option and change your password to get the account back.

Q6: Can you recover games from the Steam Deleted Account?

No, you can’t recover the games in the Steam Deleted Account. Thus, everyone should make a backup of their games on Steam and recover from them in case a mishap happens.

Q7: Do the refundable games get refunded automatically after Deleting your Steam Account?

No, the games don’t get refunded automatically after Deleting the Steam Account.

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