Laptop or Tablet with a Keyboard for Writing: Which is better?

Laptop or Tablet with a Keyboard for Writing: Which is better?

The art of writing has been alive since the beginning and will remain with us till the end, in one form or another. In old age, our ancestors used to write on stones and tablets. Then, they had the natural pen, replaced by artificial pens, and now we have to write on our laptops, tablets, smartphones, systems, and so on. So, a never-ending question that comes to mind is whether to use a laptop for writing or a tablet, as both of them seem good enough to write on. Here in this guide, we will be answering this question in detail and tell you which is better for writing: A laptop or a Tablet with a keyboard.

Laptop or Tablet with a Keyboard for Writing: Which is better?

What should you look for when picking a Laptop or Tablet for Writing?

First and foremost, there are some fundamentals of writing that we need to focus on, and later they will help us make up our mind on whether to use a Laptop or a Tablet with a keyboard.


Writing requires a strong, durable, and easy-to-write keyboard. Laptops usually have them, but with Tablets, it depends on how expensive the keyboard you are using and which company is it from.


Typically in writing you need to have a ton of tabs open altogether on the browser, multi-tasking, taking knowledge from various sources, and then opening a tab just to write on.

The era of using Microsoft Word is nearly over, and most writers either use an AI tool to write or use Google Docs, which is based on the cloud. Thus, the handling of all those tabs on a system requires RAM, a ton of that to be precise here.

A Laptop has 8 to 16 GB RAM, normally, but only a top-notch expensive tablet has it, and still lacking in performance. So, RAM is a must on a system to write on.

Screen Size

Multitasking is not so easy when you are on a smaller screen size, as handling all those tabs, and then writing, as well as checking the words in sentences becomes a burden on the eyes and brain.

Thus, having a large screen size or multiple screens can help you make multitasking effortless. You can see better, have less strain on your eyes and brain, and also move around the tabs quickly.

Also, Laptops come with a large screen size and have an option of attaching multiple screens, making them much better.


Writers love to move around and work as they go. So, portability is up there in the things required for writers. Tablets can be quickly packed, taken with you on a smaller backpack, and due to touch, make things much better to maintain as you go.

But laptops are not so far behind on that, as you can choose a much sleeker laptop with touch options and 360 rotation to make things even with tablets.

Laptop or Tablet with a Keyboard for Writing

Laptops are much better pick for writing on in contrast to a tablet with a keyboard. Laptops have better keyboards attached to them, have typically higher/faster RAM, and you can increase them as well, bigger screen sizes with options to attach more screens, and are equally portable to Tablets.

Why are Laptops better for writing?

  • Keyboard: They have strong and ergonomic keyboards that are easier to type on without worrying about breaking the keycaps or malfunctioning.
  • RAM: They have more RAM and power to access different tabs, and bear multitasking. You can also increase RAM or Laptop specs.
  • Screen Size/Multiple Screens: For bloggers and heavy writers, Screen Size matters the most, alongside the ability to have multiple screens for multitasking. Laptop can provide you with that.
  • Portable: Laptops can easily be traveled around with, and you can open them at will, and start typing and uploading your work.

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Laptops are much better pick for writing in contrast to a tablet with a keyboard

What are Tablets Better for?

Tablets are occasionally better for people who want to use a pen or touch for specific Graphics and Editing purposes. Tablets have crowned the king for graphics designers who want to make things with accuracy using their pen or touch on tablets. Tablets are not good for writers who work long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Laptop Notebook better than a Tablet for writing?

Yes, Laptops are better for writing in contrast to Tablets as they can take more burden and ease up your multitasking. Also, they have better keyboards which are required for writing.

Which is better for writing: An iPad or a Laptop?

Laptops are better for writing, but when it comes to iPad Pro 12.9 inch, it is on par with an expensive Laptop due to its size, power, and multitasking capabilities.

Which is the best pick for Writers?

Laptops are usually the best pick for writers, having a combination of higher and more powerful RAM, better Keyboards, and a sleeker design with a large screen.

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