Why Can't I Reconnect After Disconnecting in The Finals

[Solved] The Finals TFAV1012 – EasyAntiCheat Integrity Violation Error

The Finals gaming experience can be unexpectedly interrupted by the TFAV1012 error code, signaling an internal anti-cheat integrity check failure. This disruption can be frustrating for gamers eager to delve into the excitement of The Finals.

Reports from gamers describe encountering the TFAV1012 error during gameplay. Instances include:

  • System Integrity Violation alerts
  • Failed internal anti-cheat integrity checks
The Finals TFAV1012 - EasyAntiCheat Integrity Violation Error

How To Fix The Finals TFAV1012 – EasyAntiCheat Integrity Violation Error

Please note that this fix was suggested by a user named GuineaTigg on the Steam Community.

  1. Access the ‘%appdata%’ Folder: Open your search bar and type in ‘%appdata%’.
  2. Locate and Rename Folders: Inside the ‘local’ folder, look for ‘Embark’ and ‘Discovery.’ Rename them by adding ’12’ to the end of their names (e.g., Discovery12, Embark12).
  3. Restart and Verify: Boot up The Finals. If the error vanishes and you can play seamlessly, you’re on the right track!
  4. Clean Up: Once verified, feel free to delete the renamed folders to keep things tidy.

Final Words

The TFAV1012 error in The Finals can disrupt gameplay experiences, but various solutions and community-contributed fixes offer hope for resolution. Understanding the error, exploring different troubleshooting methods, and leveraging user-based solutions can significantly mitigate this issue, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience for enthusiasts.

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