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[Solved] The Finals Unable To Join Game

When you click ‘Play’ and the game says ‘Joining Game’ but then returns you to the main menu, it signifies an ‘Unable to Join Game‘ problem. This issue may arise due to various reasons.

Experiencing an ‘Unable to Join Game‘ issue in The Finals can be frustrating. Here’s a simple guide to resolve this problem:

  • Server Overload: Sometimes, server loads can cause disruptions, making it difficult to join a game.
  • Internet Connection: A poor or disrupted internet connection between you and your friends might also trigger this issue.

How To Fix The Finals Unable To Join Game

  • Restart the Game: Begin by restarting The Finals. Both you and your friends should restart the game client to resolve any possible glitches.
  • Verify Connections: Ensure a stable internet connection on your end and ask your friends to do the same. A strong connection is vital for joining the game smoothly.
  • Relaunch and Retry: After restarting the game, attempt to join the game again. Sometimes, a fresh attempt can overcome the issue.

If the problem persists even after trying the above steps, consider reaching out to The Finals’ support or forums for specific guidance. They might offer tailored solutions or further assistance.


Encountering the ‘Unable to Join Game‘ issue in The Finals can disrupt your gaming experience, but by understanding its possible causes and trying simple troubleshooting steps like restarting the game and verifying internet connections, you might resolve this issue.

Remember, technical glitches can happen, but with patience and these basic steps, you’ll likely soon be back in the game, enjoying The Finals with your friends without encountering this issue.

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