The Finals Playtest Beta Sound Issue - No Sound, Audio Cuts and Missing

[Solved] The Finals Voice Chat Not Working

Encountering troubles with voice chat in The Finals? Don’t worry! Here are some simple steps to troubleshoot and get your voice chat working smoothly again.

[Solved] The Finals Voice Chat Not Working

The Finals Voice Chat Not Working

Voice chat issues in The Finals can prevent players from communicating effectively with teammates. These problems might include voice chat not activating, teammates unable to hear, or no indication of speaking in-game.

  • Head to the in-game settings and ensure that voice chat is turned on. Look for a specific setting related to enabling voice chat.
  • Ensure teammates have also joined the team voice chat. Sometimes, mutual connection is necessary for voice chat to function correctly.
  • Check for updates to your computer’s audio drivers. Updated drivers can often resolve compatibility issues causing voice chat problems.
  • If voice chat malfunctions after the game reloads, try switching from Voice Activated to Push to Talk (or vice versa) in the settings. This might provide a temporary fix.
  • As a last resort, if other solutions fail, consider uninstalling The Finals completely and reinstalling it. This can rectify any corrupted files causing voice chat issues.

There is another bug known as The Finals Login Error 500. We have covered that in another article too.

Final Words

Voice chat problems in The Finals can hinder teamwork and communication during gameplay. By following these straightforward steps—enabling voice chat in settings, verifying team connections, updating audio drivers, refreshing settings, and reinstalling the game if necessary—you can troubleshoot and resolve these issues effectively. Don’t let voice chat problems disrupt your gaming experience. Apply these solutions and get back to enjoying The Finals with seamless communication!

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