[Solved] Warzone 2 Dev error 11588

[Solved] Warzone 2 Dev error 11588

If you’re encountering the frustrating Dev Error 11588 while playing Warzone 2 or MW2, you’re not alone. This error can abruptly kick you out of the game, disrupting your gaming experience. But fear not, here’s a simple guide to fix this issue.

What is Warzone 2 Dev error 11588?

This error might occur due to technical glitches like buffer overflow, incorrect pointer usage, or memory corruption within the game.

Warzone 2 Dev error 11588

How To Fix Warzone 2 Dev error 11588

Verifying Game Files

One of the simplest solutions is to verify the integrity of your game files. Here’s how:

  1. For Steam Users:
    • Open Steam and navigate to your Library.
    • Right-click on MW2 & Warzone and select Properties.
    • Click on the Local Files tab and choose “Verify integrity of game files.”

Dealing with Server Overload

At times, the error might arise due to overloaded servers. In such cases, when a connection couldn’t be established, backing out and retrying might be your best option.

Final Thoughts

Remember, verifying game files and being patient with server-related issues could be your best allies in resolving this error and getting back to enjoying Warzone 2 or MW2 hassle-free.

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