Spy X Family Episode 33 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

Spy x Family Episode 33 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

We all are eagerly looking forward to the new episode of Spy X Family after the thrilling and exclusive fight scenes of Yor in episode 32.

Spy X Family Episode 33 will continue from the mysterious and frustrating cliffhanger that we witnessed in the previous episode. We will get to see the true extent of Yor’s strength and power, as we know that the power she uses in her daily life, is just a small fraction of her capabilities.

Will Yor be able to juke all of the Hitmen? Will Yor be able to save Miss Shelly and her family? Will Yor’s identity get exposed? Will Yor survive?

All these questions are going to be answered in the upcoming Episode 33!

What Happened In Spy X Family Episode 32

The episode begins with an exciting and thrilling fight scene between Yor and one of the strong hitmen that we had seen in the previous episode.

Yor can defeat him easily. But, what makes Yor hesitant to engage in this fight is that they are essentially in the middle of a hall where everyone can witness them and she fears that her identity might get exposed.

Luckily, Anya discovers that Yor is in trouble through her telepathic abilities. After distracting Loid, she makes her way to the ongoing fight scene and manipulates everyone into thinking that this is just a circus performance. And thus Yor is able to defeat the hitman.

On the other hand, Loid continues his struggle of trying to be a good and “normal” father to Anya but fails.

He is also struggling with his character development in this episode. It is shown that Miss Shaty helped Mr. Grey during the war.

While Yor is guarding them at night, she realizes that her job as an assassin is just meaningless and she really has no reason left to continue this job. She realizes that she has grown attached to this “Fake” family of hers.

The episode ends with a frustrating cliffhanger in which Yor and her acquaintances are trying to escape the cruise but the hitmen have already discovered this and now all of the hitmen are after them.

Spy X Family Episode 33 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

Spy X Family Episode 33 Release Date and Time

The Spy X Family Episode 33 will air in Japan and other countries on November 25.

After the release, you just have to wait two hours for the subbed version to arrive.

Where To Watch Spy X Family Episode 33

Crunchyroll will stream the episode with English subtitles approximately two hours after its Japanese TV broadcast has concluded. Moreover, the series is also available on the Netflix SEA.

What To Expect From Spy X Family Episode 33

Spy X Family Episode 32 ends with Yor and everyone else with her, on their way to escape the cruise unaware that the hitmen are after them.

Yor plans to escape during the fireworks show But, she finds herself surrounded by guards. She then runs to the deck with Miss Shaty and her family only to find herself surrounded by hitmen who had followed her

On the roof, during the fireworks show, a hitman who was hidden aims his gun at Yor and decides to shoot her on the spot.

However, because of her excellent reflexes, Yor dodges the bullet. After this, all of the hitmen that were present on the cruise surround them and gang up against them. All of them have exceptional skills which is extremely concerning.

Yor receives help from the director and Mr. Grey to help Miss Shaty and her family escape safely. Yor then engages in a brutal yet thrilling fight against the hitmen who have exceptional skills.

Yor’s incredible power and fierce fighting skills are on full display during this scene as she takes on the hitmen single-handedly. This fight reveals the real power of Yor Forger.

Yor is practically immune to physical pain and poison. Even the leader of the hitmen was shocked by her seemingly superhuman strength. The fight between Yor and the hitmen continues for a long period, demonstrating just how skilled and powerful Yor Forger truly is.

Final Words

The upcoming episode will cover some brutal yet thrilling fights between Yor and the hitmen. It will be a treat for all of us fans and will show us just how powerful Yor is. The episode will mainly revolve around Yor and her work, with some scenes about Loid and Anya. The episode will indicate just how important the Forgers have become to Yor.