Spy X Family Episode 32 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

Spy X Family Episode 32 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

After the exclusive fighting scenes of Yor with the hitmen in SPY X FAMILY EPISODE 31, we are extremely hyped up for the next upcoming Episode 32. Spy X Family Episode 32 will revolve around some of Yor’s exciting yet dangerous fights with all of the hitmen.

Aside from this, it would also focus on the overall character of Yor and help us all learn more about her mysterious yet fascinating character.

Why is she doing this job? Is Yor going to quit her job of being an assassin? Is this her last mission? All these questions are going to be answered in this upcoming episode!

Spy X Family Episode 32 Release Date and What To Expect

Spy X Family Episode 32 Release Date and Time

The Spy X Family Episode 32 will air in Japan and other countries on November 18.

Time ZoneEpisode Air Time
Japan (JST)November 18, 11:00 PM
Pacific Time (PDT)November 18, 7:00 AM
Central Time (CT)November 18, 9:00 AM
Eastern Time (EST)November 18, 10:00 AM
UK (GMT)November 18, 2:00 PM

After the release, you just have to wait two hours for the subbed version to arrive.

Where To Watch Spy X Family Episode 32

Crunchyroll will stream the episode with English subtitles approximately two hours after its Japanese TV broadcast has concluded. Moreover, the series is also available on the Netflix SEA. The most awaited episode of JJK is also releasing next week “Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 41

What Happened In Spy X Family Episode 31

The episode begins by showing us Yor’s life and job from all of her friend’s perspectives. All of them want to live Yor’s seemingly perfect life.

On the other hand, Yor along with Miss Shaty, her son, and her fake husband, are dining with the crew, being not able to swallow even one bite because of their nervousness.

In the previous episode, the hitmen had discovered the real identity of Miss Shaty and Yor, now they are ready to attack Miss Shaty.

Yor and Miss Shaty are staying in a hotel room when a hitman disguised as room service knocks on their door.

However, Yor’s quick reflexes help her realize that this is a trap, allowing her to throw a dagger at the hitman and kill him.

After this, the two of them leave their room and start their escape, but encounter a small group of hitmen at a Masquerade ball.

On the other hand, Loid and Anya are enjoying their time together while also missing Yor a little bit. Loid is trying to satisfy Anya’s desires to be a good and fun father.

Spy X Family Episode 31 ends with the scene where a giant hitman with chains is ready to attack Yor and Miss Shaty.

What Can We Expect From SPY X FAMILY Episode 32?

In Episode 32, both the assassin and Yor will realize that their opponent is strong. The upcoming episode will feature an exclusive and thrilling fight scene between the two.

Yor will hesitate to engage in the fight since they are essentially in the middle of a hall where everyone can witness them fighting like weirdos.

Anya on the other side of the hall, witnesses this and gets nervous for Yor. Overthinking that this might expose Yor’s identity to Loid and eventually their family might fall apart.

While Loid is busy figuring out how to act like a good father without raising suspicion, Anya distracts Loid and quickly runs towards the fight scene and manipulates everyone into thinking that Yor and the hitman are circus partners and this is one of their performances.

Yor takes advantage of this opportunity and defeats the hitman. Later, it is indicated that Shaty and her fake husband have a small history and he likes her.

In the same episode, Yor starts to question her job as a spy and realizes that she genuinely doesn’t have any reason left to continue her job as an assassin anymore. The bond between Loid and Anya will also strengthen in this upcoming episode.

Spy X Family Episode 32 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

Final Words

Spy X Family Episode 32 will cover some exclusive and thrilling fight scenes between Yor and the hitmen. We will come to learn more about Yor’s shocking abilities as a spy and just how strong she is. This episode will reveal just a small hint of Yor’s true powers. It will also indirectly display just how important Yor is to the Forger family. This episode will play an important role in Yor’s character development and her true intentions for becoming an assassin.