Twilight TV Series on Netflix! Is It True?

Twilight TV Series on Netflix! Is It True?

As everybody now is aware Lionsgate Television is working on a Twilight TV series. Still, the series does not have a platform or network. The series is still in early development and has not been taken to potential buyers yet.

There is a possibility that Netflix might buy the TV series for their platform. However, the competition among the streaming platforms has become insanely tough. Rumors are going around that the upcoming Twilight TV Series will be on Netflix.

New streaming services are coming to the scene bidding for projects. Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have been giving tough competition to Netflix.

It has been a while since we have heard about the progress of the TV series. The news of the TV series emerged when Max announced that they were working on a Harry Potter TV series.

Both Twilight and Harry Potter movie series dominated the box office in the late 2000’s so it is a surprise for the fans that these beloved movie series are getting their own TV shows.

Twilight TV Series on Netflix! Is It True?

Is the Twilight TV series coming to Netflix?

It is not confirmed yet. The idea for a Twilight TV series is still in early development. So, it is hard to say if Netflix would be buying the TV series for their platform. It might be a good addition to their teen TV show category.

Netflix has created many hit teen TV shows including Stranger Things, Ginny and Georgia, and Bridgerton. So, it seems like the new addition might be a good fit for Netflix. Cobra Kai Season 6 production has also resumed.

Also, Max can be a good platform for Twilight too as Max’s Euphoria has the same tone as the Twilight series.

Release Date

There is no news about the Twilight TV Series release date. It is too early to say anything about a release date. If the project finds a streaming platform soon, then it can be expected to be released in early 2025.


Stephanie Meyers is highly attached to the project and Sinead Daly will be writing the script for the show. Daly is famous for working on The Walking Dead: The World Beyond and Raised by Wolves. So, it seems like the Twilight TV series is in good hands and it will be an unreal experience for the die-hard Twilight fans.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.