Spy x Family Episode 35 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

Spy x Family Episode 35 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

Spy x Family Episode 35 is scheduled to be released on December 9, 2023. After the thrilling yet dangerous mission of Yor finally came to an end and the bombs were diffused by Loid, we all are hyped up for the new upcoming Spy X Family Episode 35 since this episode will cover the adventures of the whole family together. Loid, Yor, and Anya will decide to spend their last day on the cruise by having fun.

Is Loid warming up to the Forgers? Has Yor gotten attached to this family?

These questions are going to be answered in this upcoming episode!

Spy x Family Episode 35 Release Date, Spoilers, and What To Expect

What Happened In Spy x Family Episode 34

Spy x Family Episode 34 begins with a flashback of what has happened on the cruise till now. Anya rants to Loid about how pretty the fireworks they saw were and Loid expresses that he is sorry that they couldn’t find Yor on the ship during the fireworks. At that time, Anya had already forgotten about Yor and now she was panicking.

On the other hand, Loid notices the secret police talking about something near them, and through his lip-reading skills, he discovers that multiple bombs have been planted on the cruise. Anya reads his mind with her telepathic abilities and tells him she wants to stay at the daycare to let him complete the mission. Loid drops Anya at the daycare and then disguises himself as a police officer to diffuse the bombs.

While Loid is busy diffusing one of the bombs, Anya runs away from the daycare to help Yor.  She discovers that Yor is on the roof of the cruise by reading the mind of an assassin.

She finds Yor’s golden stiletto near the roof and sees that Yor is struggling without it. She throws it upwards to the roof and two assassins who were sneaking up to Yor trip on it and die.

The golden stiletto is discovered by Yor and she manages to defeat the hitman, at the same time Loid also successfully diffuses the bomb.

But several bombs are still left on the cruise. Anya is able to find one bomb through her telepathic abilities and she hints to a police officer about it without raising suspicion.

The hitmen’s leader and information gatherer decide to escape by a small boat but Loid unintentionally throws the bomb near them and their boat sinks.

Yor successfully manages to help the Shaty family escape safely. Loid expresses his regret for leaving his family alone for the mission but then he quickly realizes that what he had just said was useless since this family is only for the mission.

Spy X Family Episode 35 Release Date And Time

Time ZoneEpisode Air Time
Japan (JST)December 9,  11:00 PM
Pacific Time (PDT)December 9,  7:00 AM
Central Time (CT)December 9,  9:00 AM
Eastern Time (EST)December 9,  10:00 AM
UK (GMT)December 9,  2:00 PM

Where To Watch Spy X Family Episode 35

Crunchyroll will stream the episode with English subtitles approximately two hours after its Japanese TV broadcast has concluded. Moreover, the series is also available on the Netflix SEA.


What To Expect In Spy X Family In Episode 35

The new episode will finally cover some of the adventures of the Forgers together as a family on the cruise. Yor’s director permitted her to spend the last day on the cruise with her family.

They all enjoy their time together by participating in multiple activities. Watching Anya have fun makes Yor realize that this is the main reason she does this job, to protect her family’s and world’s peace.

They also go swimming and surfing. While surfing, Yor accidentally pushes Anya’s surfboard with all of her strength, and right when Anya is about to fall into the water Loid catches her.

At the end of the day, Yor and Anya both get way too tired. Yor falls asleep and rests her head on Loid’s shoulder while Anya tells Loid that she is also sleepy. Loid has to carry both Anya and Yor back.

They go back home and bring gifts for everyone. While entering her school, Anya thinks that she is going to flex to everyone that she went on the premium luxury cruise and that everyone will fangirl over that.

But, no one pays attention to her because it is not a big deal for them. Rather, they all gather around Becky who had met Starlet Rachel during her vacation.

Anya’s ego gets hurt and she starts spouting lies to everyone about the cruise but no one believes her since the lies are too obvious.

Later, Yuri is over at their house and Anya tells Yor, Loid, and Yuri about what happened and they all tell her that ”lying is bad and all liars are trash” which is pretty hypocritical. They all try to maintain a poker face after this.

Final Words

The new episode will cover the Forger family’s adventures together as they spend their last day on the cruise. It’s going to be extremely fun and exciting. It will portray the bond between the family and how the family is getting closer and closer to each other every day. It will show how much Loid has warmed up to the family. It will also show the affection Yor has for this family.