JJK Makora or Mahoraga: Which is Correct?

JJK Makora or Mahoraga: Which is Correct?

The most awaited battle in the series finally happened “Sukuna vs Mahoraga“. 

The episode started with Megumi summoning Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.

After Megumi’s fight with Toji, he was badly hurt and exhausted and then suddenly Haruto comes and slashes his back.

Megumi then reveals his trump card by summoning the Mahoraga. However, he knew that he could not tame Mahoraga so he hoped that he would die along with Haruto.

JJK Makora or Mahoraga: Which is Correct?

Sukuna had other plans for Megumi, so he saved Megumi using the Reverse Curse Technique and started fighting Mahoraga. Find more about JJK Episode 42 (Mahito vs Yuji).

JJK Makora or Mahoraga: Which is Correct?

After the recent episode was released, fans are now confused about the correct pronunciation is Makora or Mahoraga.

The correct pronunciation is Makora in Japanese. “Mahoraga” is the original name derived from Sanskrit, linked to Buddhism and Hinduism roots. Both “Makora” and “Mahoraga” refer to the same shikigami, summoned by Megumi using the Ten Shadow Technique. So, both are correct terms and pronunciation.

However, Divine General Mahoraga cannot be tamed. He was a formidable enemy even for Sukuna but Sukuna is way stronger since he is the king of all curses and he managed to figure out Mahoraga technique and eventually using his domain expansion, defeated Mahoraga. JJK fans are also confused about What is the correct Translation for Sukuna’s Domain Expansion Malevolent Kitchen or Shrine.

Final Words

So, there you have your answer, both terms and pronunciations are correct. So, doesn’t matter if it’s different in manga and different in live adaption. Both mean the same entity Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General.

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