The Finals Audio and Sound Bug - Voice Breaking, Glitching, and Not Working

The Finals Audio and Sound Bug – Voice Breaking, Glitching, and Not Working

An FPS competitive game like The Finals is all about hearing sounds, and voices and reacting to them as quickly as possible. But, after a recent The Finals Audio and Sound Bug, players are experiencing voice breaks, glitches, and sound not working at all. Let’s fix it below.

The Finals Audio and Sound Bug - Voice Breaking, Glitching, and Not Working

The Finals is one of the latest competitive FPS, a fast-paced game set in a destructive environment, where you can break stuff and then create new possibilities.

Being a competitive FPS means, your highest priority is sound, and finding out the players around you physically through vision is quite impossible.

Due to a recent bug in the game, players were stuck with The Finals Sound Issues.

The players had No Sound, Audio Cuts, and Mission Sound/Audio which resulted in a negative experience towards the game. Let’s help you fix that below.

Why is Sound and Audio Not Working in The Finals

Various reasons might be the cause behind No Sound and Audio in the game. It could be your headset, the wires, the game itself, or it could sometimes related to the settings.

The Finals has recently had an overload on servers, as more and more players are tuning in to enjoy this free-to-play FPS game.

It could also be the reason for the Sound and Audio Not Working in The Finals.

The Finals Audio and Sound Bug - Voice Breaking, Glitching, and Not Working

For For The Finals Audio and Sound Bug

Following are the methods to Fix The Finals Audio and Sound Bug, including Voice Breaking, Glitching, Cuts, and Voice Not Working.

Check Your Audio Settings

The first step in fixing the no-sound bug in The Finals is to check your audio settings. Make sure that your speakers or headphones are properly connected to your computer and turned on.

Also, check that the audio settings in the game are set up correctly. To do this, go to Options > Sound in the main menu and ensure that the audio settings are configured to your preferences.

Update Your Audio Drivers

If your audio settings are correct and you’re still getting Audio/Sound Cuts and Missing could be the drivers. To fix this, you need to update your audio drivers.

You can do this by going to the website of your audio device manufacturer and downloading the latest drivers. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to install the drivers correctly.

Verify Game Files

Sometimes, The Finals Audio Breaking Bug can be caused by corrupted game files. To fix this, you need to verify the game files. To do this;

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click on The Finals
  • Click on Properties
  • Head to the game Files Tab
  • Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files

Check Your System Specs

If none of the above solutions work, it’s possible that your system specs are not powerful enough to run The Finals. Check the minimum system requirements for the game and compare them to your computer’s specifications.

If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, you may need to upgrade your hardware to play the game.

Run the Game as an Administrator

Running the game as an administrator can sometimes fix The Finals Sound Issue including the Audio Cuts and Missing Audio.

To do this, right-click on The Finals icon on your desktop and select “Run as administrator”. This will give the game full access to your computer’s resources, which may be necessary to fix the audio issue.

Report the issue and Wait!

Just as we mentioned the game is suffering from server overloading and it could be an issue from the servers. There is no fix for that, and the only thing you can do is sit back and wait for an update or patch that fixes the issue.

For the time being, you can also report the issue to The Finals Support.


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