The Finals Error Code TFLA0004 - Account Banned

The Finals Error Code TFLA0004 – Account Banned

The Finals is giving out the error code TFLA0004 to the players who are getting accounts banned. The game has a strict anti-cheat working behind to catch all the cheaters. It might be good for the most part, but it isn’t perfect in any form or shape.

It sometimes gets your account banned for cheating or bad communication even if you never said anything inside the game or never cheated.

Some players didn’t even play a single match and still got The Finals Account Banned Error Code TFLA0004. Further, it gave out the following message “Due to certain recent behavior that is against our Code of Conduct, your account has been banned.”

Don’t worry, right here, I am going to help you fix the issue and get your account back, fixing the error code TFLA0004 in The Finals, whether you are on PC, Xbox Series X/S, or PS5.

The Finals Error Code TFLA0004 - Account Banned

Reasons for The Finals Error Code TFLA0004 Account Ban

The Finals giving out account bans for no reason at all is a known bug by devs and a server issue. Besides this, the following are the reasons for the account ban in The Finals and the error code TFLA0004.

  • Using macro is considered a cheat
  • Third-party software that can help you with aim or in-game is considered a cheat
  • A software that helps you inject code is also considered a cheat
  • Using specific Keyboards, Mice, or Controllers can also get you banned because of a cheat

Just as I mentioned, the anti-cheat in The Finals is strict and bans you if it catches third-party things, that might not be used for assistance.

Fix for The Finals Error Code TFLA0004

Relaunch Game

The error code TFLA0004 for the account ban is sometimes given to players for no reason at all. A simple fix is to wait for a while and relaunch the game if you never actually cheated.

The error will be fixed and the ban will be lifted on itself. It is considered a server problem and Embark Studio is rolling out fixes slowly that will also fix the issue for you.

This fix works for all the systems including PC, Xbox, and PS5.

Close Suspicious Software

Use the task manager to close all the software that is running. In the startup tab of the task manager, you have to disable all the software from a third party that might be considered a cheat.

Mostly, the suspicious tasks are mods for other games, third-party software that helps you perform tasks easily, and so on.

Disconnect Extra Peripherals

When you plug in something extra for support in the USB hub of your PC or Console, it automatically is termed as a cheat in the view of The Finals Anti-Cheat.

You might want to take them out and give a restart before relaunching The Finals.

Update and Disable Drivers

Head over to Windows Updates and update all the things that are available here and under the advanced tab. Also, check all the updates for your mice and keyboard as well. Console users including Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 should also look out for updates and drivers of mice/keyboard/controller.

Try to disable the software that can enhance the capabilities of your mouse or keyboard. For example, Synapse from Razer is sometimes considered a cheat by game anti-cheat engines.

This goes the same way for keyboards, headphones, and other peripherals.

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