The Outlast Trials Police Station Kill the Snitch Guide

The Outlast Trials Police Station Kill the Snitch Guide

The Outlast Trials is a cooperative first-person psychological survival horror video game developed and published by Red Barrels. It serves as a prequel to the first two games in the Outlast series and introduces a cross-platform online cooperative mode, allowing up to four players to participate.

The Outlast Trials introduces players to a thrilling survival horror experience set in the Cold War era. In this prequel to the Outlast series, you find yourself as a prisoner fighting for survival in a series of intense trials. One such mission takes place in the Police Station, where you must complete the “Kill the Snitch” objective to progress further into the game. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the The Outlast Trials Police Station Kill the snitch mission.

The Outlast Trials Police Station Kill the Snitch Guide

How To Do Police Station Kill the snitch mission in The Outlast Trials

  • Gain access to the police station by finding a suitable entry point
  • Make your way to the security room within the police station
  • Explore the police station to locate the snitch’s whereabouts
  • In the Underground Parking area, activate the generators to proceed
  • Push the snitch through the police station while dealing with three blocked grates. Each grate requires a different key, which can be found hidden inside corpses marked with distinct symbols
  • Navigate through the police station, pushing the snitch toward the end chamber
The Outlast Trials Police Station Kill the Snitch Guide


Successfully completing the “Kill the Snitch” mission is crucial for progressing in The Outlast Trials. By following this guide, players will have the necessary knowledge and steps to infiltrate the police station, find the snitch, activate the generators, unlock the blocked grates, and ultimately reach the end chamber. Prepare for an intense and thrilling experience as you face the challenges of the trials in this Cold War-era prequel.

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