Tokyo Revengers Episode 49 Release Date and What To Expect

Tokyo Revengers Episode 49 Release Date and What To Expect

Tokyo Revengers Episode 49 is set to release on Wednesday, December 20th, 2023, in Japan. Viewers can catch it around 12:00 AM (JST). However, there might be slight variations in the release time across different regions.

The upcoming episode is titled “Paradise Lost” and is going to continue from Kisaki shooting Kakucho. After losing the battle against Mikey, Izana Kurokawa threatened to shoot Mikey. However, Kakucho intervened and tried to make Izana understand that this is a battle between school-going kids. Kisaki shoots Kakucho for intervening between Mikey and Izana.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 49 Release Date and What To Expect

What Happened in Tokyo Revengers Episode 48?

Mikey and Draken find out that Takemichi is from the future. They arrive to protect the Tokyo Manji Gang who barely survived because of Takemichi not giving up.

Mikey and Izana start fighting. At first, Mikey had trouble countering Izana. However, later he adapted to Izana’s attacks and Izana got tired and eventually lost against Mikey.

We also saw in the previous episode how Shinichiro became Izana’s older brother and was most likely going to introduce Mikey to Izana but he was killed.

Izana was already jealous and he hated Mikey because Shinichiro said he would hand over the black dragon to Izana and he should later give it to Mikey which made Izana jealous that Shinichiro cared more about his other brother Mikey.

Izana lost the fight so he brought out Kisaki’s gun and decided to shoot Mikey. However, Kakucho came forward to stop Izana from making this mistake. While Kakucho was convincing Izana, Kisaki shot Kakucho.

Release Date

As mentioned above, Tokyo Revengers Episode 49 is scheduled to release on 19th December 2023.

What To Expect From Tokyo Revengers Episode 49

In the upcoming episode, we will find out if Kakucho survives or not. This fight has now become a murdering event since there are now actual guns involved and someone actually got shot.

Izana made Kakucho his servant but deep down he cared about Kakucho. So he will have a hard time processing all this.

Final Words

As the release of Tokyo Revengers Episode 49 approaches, fans across different regions eagerly count down to witness the unfolding of the series’ latest chapter.

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