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Turret Needs Ammo in Aliens Dark Descent

There are various types of Aliens in the game. Some require a few bullets from the torrent, while others simply empty the magazine. When you fight big monsters, your Turret requires a reload. You can’t leave the mission in Aliens Dark Descent because your Turret needs ammo. But, for that, you need to Dismantle it at first. Here in this guide, we are going to go into the details of Turret Needs Ammo in Aliens Dark Descent.

Turret Needs Ammo in Aliens Dark Descent

Can I Leave the Area without Turret?

Yes, you can actually leave the area without your turret in Aliens Dark Descent. As you leave it behind, you can come back for it another time.

In case you can’t leave the area, you can simply go to the ARC, and select “Leave the Area” using your Left Stick. Don’t press the Cross Button on your controller, because the buttons get you back to the nearest turret or tracker.

Turret Needs Ammo in Aliens Dark Descent

As to the fact that you can’t dismantle the turret, well it is a game restriction. You can just leave the mission and go to the next one. Then you can come back to the turret and dismantle it.

The turret isn’t a permanent part of the game, but rather you are. If you want to, you can simply leave the turret behind and proceed to the next part of the mission.

There is always a choice of coming back to the turret and getting it with you for the next journey.

Turret Needs Ammo in Aliens Dark Descent

The Verdict

Players Can’t Dismantle the Turret and Leave Mission because Turret Needs Ammo in Aliens Dark Descent. The reason is that you are actually pressing the wrong keys on your controller. Some keyboard players also had the same trouble. You can use the sticks to proceed onwards with the mission going with the choice of “Leave the Mission”. By pressing the buttons, you go back to the nearest Turret. You can leave the mission and come back for the Turret anything you like.

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