What are Experimental items in Last Epoch?

What are Experimental items in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch, an action RPG with a deep crafting system, offers a unique type of equipment called Experimental Items. These items can significantly boost your character’s power, but acquiring and utilizing them requires some extra effort. Here’s what you need to know:

What are Experimental Items?

At first glance, Experimental Items might appear to be ordinary Magic, Rare, or even Exalted items. However, they possess a special feature: an Experimental Affix. This affix is a powerful modifier that cannot be found on any other equipment in the game. These affixes can grant a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Increased damage output
  • Enhanced defensive capabilities
  • Unique utility effects
What are Experimental items in Last Epoch?

How to Get Experimental Items?

Unlike most gear, Experimental Items don’t drop from regular enemies or chests. Instead, you can only acquire them by defeating Exiled Mages. These mini-bosses are found within hidden Rune Prisons scattered across the various Eras of Eterra. Exploring and battling your way through these locations is key to finding these special items.

True Potential

While Experimental Items come with powerful affixes, there’s a catch. Initially, these affixes are “sealed,” limiting their effectiveness. To unleash their full potential, you need to acquire a Rune of Research. These Runes drop from Exiled Mages above level 70.

Once you have a Rune of Research, you can use it to “unseal” the Experimental Affix on an item. This essentially frees up an affix slot, allowing you to further customize your gear by adding additional modifiers through crafting or other means.

Final Words

Finding and utilizing Experimental Items takes some effort and exploration, but the rewards are well worth it. These unique pieces of equipment can significantly enhance your character’s power and open up exciting possibilities for build customization. So, keep an eye out for Rune Prisons, defeat Exiled Mages, and unlock the true potential of these powerful items in your Last Epoch adventure!

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