What is the Discipline specialization for the Priest class in World of Warcraft

What is the Discipline specialization for the Priest class in World of Warcraft

There are many game mechanics and classes in WoW that play an auxiliary, rather than the main role, and such players are called supports, since they spend their game resources on helping their group and perform all the necessary tasks so that the attacking classes can deal damage, kill monsters and farm raids.

Calipers are a very problematic class in terms of leveling – they are practically not adapted to a single hunt and are dependent on the actions of a group, but in World of Warcraft, most calipers have the ability to use their skills for single leveling, or act as part of a group – it’s already more convenient for anyone.

The Obedience specialization is a healing class that uses an interesting mechanic to deal damage to enemies to transfer some of that damage to allies. To implement such mechanics, you need good damage, and hence weapons. Gold can be farmed by grinding or questing, or click here and buy the right amount with guarantees of anonymity and good prices.

What is the Discipline specialization for the Priest class in World of Warcraft

What is the Discipline specialization for the Priest class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Discipline is a semi-attacking healer that generates healing resources by dealing damage to the enemy in aid of his allies.

The class has a wide range of offensive and defensive healing skills that are activated and transferred to allies with a power depending on the parameters of the weapon, level and number of buffs applied to the character.

At the first stages, it can be difficult and unusual to maintain the health of allies with constant attacks of opponents and correctly distribute your forces, but then, with increasing damage, you will get used to it and will enjoy not only helping your friends, but also making your own impact in defeating the enemy.

What is the Discipline specialization for the Priest class in World of Warcraft

The main benefits of the Discipline specialization for the Priest class in World of Warcraft

  • Fast cooldown on attack skills that converts damage into healing received for allies.
  • Has skills that can significantly reduce damage taken for the whole group, which is especially useful in raids during boss attacks. Damage can be absorbed by the caster, or reduced in effectiveness.
  • Can keep one target under constant healing for a long period of time, especially useful in raids when no one except the tank takes serious damage.
  • Deals very strong damage as for a healer and in parallel generates healing for the selected target among allies.
  • Many skills can be used while standing still or on the move, the class has an average mobility potential.

Disadvantages of the Discipline Priest Class in World of Warcraft

  • Few skills to quickly heal a specific target in a critical situation.
  • You need to find a balance between attack and defense and choose the right targets in World of Warcraft.
  • For raids with Discipline healers, they ask for the same strong equipment as for attacking fighters.
  • There are few skills that increase mobility and make it possible to quickly overcome distances.
  • There are no skills that would allow you to bring down the reading of enemy spells, which means that you will always receive full damage from magic.

Stats that play an important role in buffing a Discipline Healer

Characteristics are important parameters that reveal the strengths of the class in the best way, but you need to make the right bet otherwise the results will be useless and the hero will remain at the same strength level as he was.


An important parameter for all magic classes and units that deal damage.

Intelligence allows you to increase the power of magic, increase the volume of the mana scale.

This is an important stat for a Discipline Healer, as the amount of healing received by an ally depends on the strength of his attacks.


It’s important for any support to move quickly to react to changing environments and save the lives of their allies and avoid damage and direct contact with bosses and melee players with fast approach skills.

The healer must have a fast speed, otherwise he risks dying, or not having time to heal an ally in time.

Speed is not only about movement, but also the speed of attack and casting spells. The last important point that will help you attack better, and therefore heal the selected ally more strongly.

Critical hit

Since you’re playing a unique class that heals at the cost of damage, you’ll want to buff your damage stat wherever possible, and critical hits for normal attacks and skills are great for that.

The chance and power of a critical attack is the probability of dealing double damage if triggered. In your case, it worked during the attack, which means that the ally will receive more recovery points.


It’s the mastery of skills that can make the game much easier for any character who doesn’t rely on normal attacks, but always relies on skills.

All of your skills will have a chance to proc with more power, have double the duration effect, or proc on no cooldown.


This is a special parameter that evenly increases the attack and defense of the class and allows you to deal more damage and take less damage.

Considering that your healing comes from damage, and the class itself cannot boast of high armor, the versatility stat can serve your hero well.

Professions that will help you equip your hero yourself

You will need to collect webs and other consumables to convert them into thread and learn the tailoring profession, which will help you create high-quality magical equipment without taking up a profession slot for gathering.

You can take the mark as a second profession, and there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, this is the creation of staves, and this is your main weapon.

Secondly, inscribers create scrolls and recipes for crafting, which have a high cost and work with reagents that can be obtained from fishing.

Fishing is an additional entertainment, does not take up a profession slot and is available to all players without exception.

Learn cooking too – it does not require special slots, and resources can be obtained from animals and fish.

Cooking can add stats to you, and when you learn how to make feasts, you can also regenerate a large amount of health for yourself simply by staying in place until the process of eating food is completed.

You can also study jewelry instead of inscription, but it depends on whether it is more comfortable for you to play with an orb or a staff, in addition, the profession itself is much more expensive to study than inscription, but it also pays off much more in the future.

Don’t forget to go to a blacksmith to set nests in good weapons and insert attack stones for increased damage on targets, and therefore increased healing on allies.

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