Where is Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy

Where is Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy: Guide to Minding your own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

PC has always been one step ahead in gaming but not today. There is a PS-exclusive quest in Hogwarts Legacy that goes by the name of Minding your Own Business and it guides you to a special shop – Haunted Hogsmeade. If you are searching for that and looking for where is Haunted Hgsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy, then this guide is made just for you.

PS Exclusive Quest in Hogwarts Legacy – Minding your Own Business

PS Exclusive Quest in Hogwarts Legacy – Minding your Own Business

PlayStation has lately been given a lot of respect and extra attention. Hogwarts Legacy isn’t any different here because you can play a rare type of quest if you are on PS that isn’t available on other consoles, nor any PC.

This quest is known as Minding your own Business and it gives you an extra dungeon along with Haunted Hogsmeade Shop/Shopkeeper who puts forth various rewards. The real issue with this quest is that the developers didn’t tell you where to find it.

So, we went ahead and tried breaking down the location to find this amazing PS Exclusive Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Where is Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy – Finding Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest

Where is Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy – Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest

After you start the Quest “Minding your Own Business” in Hogwarts Legacy through your PS, you will be able to find the Shop. It isn’t available in the early game, but rather later on. You will have to check the map again and again to find it.

  • In order to start the Exclusive Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to have around 1.5k Hogwarts Legacy Gold.
  • Go to Minding your Own Business Quest Location
  • Talk to Penny there
  • Then go onwards, find Cassandra Mason, and talk
  • You will have to purchase the Shop, therefore get it.
  • Go back to Penny and talk with her
  • Clean the Shop yourself
  • Then go to Penny and take the key from her
  • Behind the red door in the Shop, you will find a room with a Chest

Once you open the Chest, you will see Ladders going down. Taking the step forward will put forth the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest. Now you know where to find the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy.

As to how long the quest is, it really depends on you. On average, it will take you around 1 hour to finish, but keep in mind that it is exclusive to PS.

Rewards for Completing Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest

When you complete the Quest, you will be getting following things;

  • Cosmetic Set of Shopkeeper
  • Potion Recipe for Felix Felicis. It will reveal the Large Chest Locations on the Map. It will wear off after a day.
  • The Hogsmeade Shop. When you Sell Items to this Shop, you will earn quite more gold in return.

Final Verdict

If you are on PS, we recommend you go for the “Minding your Own Business” Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Some people have trouble where to find Haunted Hogsmeade Shop in Hogwarts Legacy and for that, we have this amazing guide. The Hogsmeade Shop is the reward you will need to get sooner or later on in the game because of that Gold difference while selling.

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