Why You Should Save Redhammer in BG3

Why You Should Save Redhammer in BG3

  • If you kill Redhammer, say bye-bye to Sumberisible.
  • You won’t be able to complete the Iron Throne quest.
  • Water Queen will become your ally.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, keeping Redhammer alive holds crucial importance for gameplay, specifically for your journey involving the Submersible. Here’s why saving Redhammer’s life is a game-changer:

Submersible will be nonfunctional

If Redhammer dies in BG3 at any point during your adventure, the Submersible becomes non-functional. Redhammer plays a pivotal role in operating this underwater vessel, making him integral to progressing through underwater challenges and exploring submerged territories.

Key to Unlock Exploration

Preserving Redhammer’s life ensures access to underwater areas and hidden locations unreachable without the Submersible. His survival directly impacts your ability to unveil Iron Throne. You can kill him after you have completed the Iron Throne quest, it’s entirely up to you but before that, you need to save him.

Avenge the Drowned Quest

This quest involves a woman asking you to kill the Redhammer as she wants to avenge the drowned. If you don’t kill Redhammer, Water Queen people will attack you whenever they get the chance. So, there is that however, saving him has more benefits as mentioned above.

When you kill the Redhammer, you will get a cool armor as a reward for killing and avenging the drowned.

Final Words

Ultimately, keeping Redhammer alive doesn’t just reflect mercy; it’s a strategic move. It safeguards potential future benefits and keeps various storylines open for exploration. Balancing alliances and opportunities can significantly enrich your experience in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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