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Will Palworld Support Mods?

As the highly anticipated game Palworld gears up for its early access launch on January 19, 2024, players are eager to know whether it will support mods. Let’s explore if the developers have introduced the Mod support for the upcoming game.

Will Palworld Support Mods?

No Mod Support at Launch

Contrary to the expectations of some players, Palworld will not include mod support at the time of its launch. This means that when the game enters early access, players won’t have the option to integrate mods into their gaming experience.

Future Plans for Mod Support

While mod support won’t be available initially, there is encouraging news for players who enjoy modding communities. The developers at Pocketpair have confirmed that Palworld mods will be officially supported at a later date. This suggests that players can look forward to expanding and customizing their Palworld experience through mods in the future.

Multiplayer Modding

The details regarding how modding will work in multiplayer scenarios remain uncertain. Questions about whether mods will be hosted by the server’s host or how the integration will function are yet to be answered.

Steam Workshop Support

Unfortunately, players won’t find support for Steam Workshop mods in Palworld at launch. Steam Workshop is a platform known for its ease of use in discovering and installing mods. While its absence might disappoint some players, the confirmed future mod support provides hope for an enriched modding community.

Will Palworld Support Mods?

Final Words

While Palworld won’t feature mod support at its early access launch, the confirmed plans for future mod support are a positive indication for players who enjoy the creative possibilities that mods bring to a game. As Palworld evolves, the inclusion of mods could significantly enhance the gaming experience, providing new content, features, and exciting challenges for players to explore and enjoy.

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