How to Kill Bruxa in The Witcher 3?

How to Kill Bruxa in The Witcher 3?

Bruxa is one of the most dangerous enemies in The Witcher 3. She’s a bloodthirsty vampire who attacks Geralt quickly, often from behind. But if you take the right approach, she can be easily killed. You can even use her invisibility to your advantage!

Bruxa’s Characteristics

Bruxa is a high-ranking vampire. Her claws are very sharp, and she has very fast movement. If you can time your attack perfectly, you can knock Bruxa back, and then finish her off with an Aard Sweep. This will slow her down for a short time, but will also stop her ascent.

Using Invisibility to Your Advantage

While she can turn invisible, it’s best to keep an eye on Bruxa at all times. You can use a Moon Dust Bomb to track her. It will give you an outline of Bruxa, which you can then counteract. That will allow you to hit her with a Black Blood potion. Using the Black Blood potion will give you the best chance at killing Bruxa.

How to Kill Bruxa in The Witcher 3?

Yrden Trap and Igni

As well as being a ferocious vampire, Bruxa is also an invisibility cloak. This means that she will be difficult to see, but you can still detect her location with a Yrden trap. When you are sure that Bruxa is in your line of sight, you can cast Igni to get a hold of her.

Bruxa’s Weaknesses and How to Exploit Them

Bruxa’s piercing scream is the most powerful attack she can unleash, but it’s not the only way to kill her. If you have a weapon that’s coated with Vampire Oil, you can use it to poison her.

Alternatively, if you are lucky, you might be able to kill her with a Black Blood Potion. Another weapon that’s effective against Bruxa is a Silver Sword that’s been infused with Vampire Oil.

However, beware that this may cause your sword to break. To prevent this, make sure to time your attacks carefully. Another option is to use a Tawny Owl. This will replenish your stamina and help you counter Bruxa’s attacks. In addition, if you time it correctly, you can catch Bruxa before she lands a strike. Ultimately, you’ll need to fight Bruxa in her own form, the monster.

Bruxa’s transformation is a powerful one, and can quickly wipe away your HP bar. At times, it’s hard to avoid her, but you can always catch her before she starts her screech.

Bruxa’s screams can be deadly, and she will attack after the scream is heard. If you’re lucky, you can hear a song emanating from her after she consumes blood. Bruxa’s main weakness is her speed.

So if you’re a fast player, you’ll want to avoid her. For instance, if you have the Yrden sign, you can trap her at close range and deal serious damage. Likewise, if you’re in the open, you can use a stake to keep her in place, or a Black Blood Potion to deal heavy damage.

Bruxa’s final move is to attack with a screech, which sends out a wave of sonic energy that can be dodged. Using a Moon Dust bomb to trap her can be helpful if you’re trying to deal with a one-skulled Bruxa, but you’ll need to keep your distance.

How to Kill Bruxa in The Witcher 3?


Killing Bruxa in The Witcher 3 can be challenging, but with the right approach and the right weapons, you can defeat her. Keep an eye out for her invisibility.

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