Magneto in Marvel Snap

Magneto in Marvel Snap: The Biggest Troll of the Game

Honestly, there are some Cards in Marvel Snap that are just too annoying to even exist. Some might even put their fingers on Leader as the most annoying but shouldn’t Magneto be the one that Trolls every Marvel Snap Player? Looking at this matter myself, I compiled this Magneto in Marvel Snap Guide, where I will look at the Trolling abilities of this amazing Card.

Why Magneto is the Biggest Troll in Marvel Snap?

Magneto in Marvel Snap – The Biggest Troll

Magneto comes with those Disrupting abilities that could toss the opponent in the air and mess with their own plans. Leader, on the other hand, is more toxic in the sense that your plans are copied doubling on the Buffs.

There is a close comparison between Leader and Magneto in the Troll game of Marvel Snap. But, playing Leader is kind of an easy task, while Magneto is more on the precision side, making plans, predicting the future, opponent moves, and so on.

Using Magneto, you can simply pull the Opponent to the location, which is worth around 3 to 4 cost cards. If at that location, the other one has more applicable cards in contrast to the Open Slot, then Magneto will drag them randomly, adding to proceeding risks.

On the Final Turn, the opponent is disrupted by Magneto, which gives you the upper hand to win, getting you those Eight Cubes fully.

Along with all of that, Magneto also has 12 Power, which is quite impressive and can effortlessly top the location up with Power, increasing the chances of you winning.

Worrying about an Empty Location? Don’t… Just Don’t because Magneto in Marvel Snap has no worries about that because Magneto can just pull others to his location. If there is a card that you seem to worry about, just pull them away and ruined the strategy.

All of this surely adds to the usefulness of Magneto and Disrupting the plans of others is an ability that you need in Marvel Snap. At the last moment, you can Troll your Opponents by changing their placement.

So, why Magneto Defeats Leader when it comes to Trolling?

Magneto vs Leader in Marvel Snap

This is a long last question that needs answering right away. For the fans of Leader, there is bad news that Element of Surprise is totally missing here. While with Magneto you can always surprise your Opponents.

In Marvel Snap, you need to understand how important the Element of Surprise is. On the final turn when your opponent knows they are in the right movement at the right time, you can just pull them away and they can’t do anything about that.

What’s the Best Deck you should use for Magneto?

Best Deck for Magneto in Marvel Snap
  • With Magneto in your Deck, there is no need to go Disruptive Deck. Along with the trusty Troll – Magneto, you can go for Hobgoblin and Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman.
  • You also need some type of Power as well in the Deck like a Combo of Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl.
  • You can also go for the Aero and Magneto combo here as well in the final two turns. It is just chaotic. Cosmo is also a versatile card that you can fit right there with Magneto in your Deck. For Power, I will always cheer for Cosmo and Magneto.
  • For Scouting Opponents, you can pick White Queen as well. That way you will know what the enemy opponents are thinking about and troll with your Magneto in Marvel Snap.

Final Verdict

Magneto in Marvel Snap is just the perfect mix between Toxic and Trolling. Comparing him with Leader is kind of common but he is more of a Toxic than a Troll. Just a warning for your journey ahead!!! If you managed to combine Magneto with the right about of Troll Cards in your Deck, there is no coming back from there.

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