Who is the person beating Zherka in a fight?

Zherka Got Beaten By HSTikkyTokky – Size Doesn’t Matter!

Both Zherka and HSTikkyTokky have been seen on social media fighting with one another without personal feelings or love for each other. It is like they personally hate each other. Zherka always looked out to some fighting, and this time he got it in Miami, as both were seen trash-taking to each other, and Zherka with his typical style pushed HSTikkyTokky. In return, the latter got to beat Zherka.

A few weeks back, Zherka was seen making videos on both Adin Ross and HSTikkyTokky. But, as both came face to face, the boiling point peeked, resulting in a fight.

Zherka Got Beaten By HSTikkyTokky – Size Doesn’t Matter – Reaction from Reddit Users

Who is HSTikkyTokky?

HSTikkyTokky is a famous British Fitness Influencer who is known for making genuine day-to-day vlogs about his fitness journey and life. As a part of his earnings, he sells these fitness programs and also helps people get fit with those bombastic diet plans.

Recently, he also moved to Kick – a popular streaming platform, soon to become a competitor to Twitch.

Who is Zherka?

On the other side of the debate, Zherka is a dual Albanian and Canadian internet personality, famous on YouTube and social media for his confidence in speaking and beating others over debates.

Presumably, he is considered a woke person by some, who takes on everyone and everything thrown at him, trying to defend his own wordings even if he is true or not.

How fight between Zherka and HSTikkyTokky start?

Both were in Miami and in a restaurant, Zherka got into a verbal debate with HSTikkyTokky. The fitness influencer started rolling back from Zherka, not trying to escalate things, but Zherka pushed his back and tried to throw a punch at him.

HSTikkyTokky being at the boiling point’s peak came straight to Zherka and started physically fighting, throwing punches and dropping Zherka multiple times.

Below, we have the official video from Twitter X of HSTikkyTokky beating up Zherka.

Zherka Got Beaten By HSTikkyTokky – Original Video on Twitter X

Zherka Got Beaten By HSTikkyTokky – The Aftermath

Zherka is a heavy dude, with more muscle in contrast to HSTikkyTokky and also more in height. Being the one who started throwing punches at HSTikkyTokky first, Zherka was dropped multiple times by him, and also he fought really well, not trying to escalate things.

So, one thing is sure size doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to fight. Many of the internet influencers don’t know about boxing, or fighting things that only muscle can help them out in beating smaller people, but that is completely false, as seen in the fight between HSTikkyTokky and Zherka.

Zherka also had gloves on to fight, with a half-sleeve shirt. On the other hand, HSTikkyTokky was in much more casual clothing not favorable for someone to fight in, and he had no gloves on.

When was fight was over, the whole thing got captured on camera and went viral on X – formally Twitter, and also other social media platforms. Some of the top comments include;

Bro realized he not built for this

This was one of the top comments related to Zherka, as he was wearing gloves and always pushing down on people who were smaller than him or had less muscle.

The MMA Gloves didn’t do that guy any good

Being prepared and having gloves, while still being tossed around 3 times on the street from a guy with no gloves.

Zherka got cooked

Talking mostly about UFC fighters or Kickboxers including Andrew Tate, saying that Zherka can beat him easily while getting beaten by some TikTok personality.

From all of this, we can see that fans of Zherka are not happy, and this proves another thing size and weight don’t matter when you don’t know how to fight. Someone had to humble Zherka for once.

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