Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Puzzle Solution

Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Puzzle Solution

Alan Wake 2 is considered one of the best horror-survival games, developed by Remedy Studios, and the successor to the first Alan Wake, released 13 years ago. The game is exceptionally written, having a set of really brainstorming puzzles, dolls to find, and lock codes you need to bypass.

One of the hardest among these is the Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Puzzle, which is found in the nursery section of the game. You have to track the Hero Doll in the location and match it with the symbols.

What to do in the Hero Doll Puzzle?

The Hero Puzzle is actually part of the side quests from Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2. In this puzzle, you have to find the Hero Doll, Wolf Doll, and Crow Doll.

Then, use these dolls to match the symbols outside the house, getting the charm. The difficult part here is to use these dolls according to the symbols.

Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Puzzle Solution

Following is the location of Hero Doll in Alan Wake 2 Puzzle.

Hero Doll Location

Below, we have a map of the Cauldron Lake, that showcases the location of both the Hero Doll and Wolf Doll. They are found in the Witchfinder’s Station house.

Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Location in Cauldron Lake

Head inside the house, up the stairs, and on the right side, you will find the Hero Doll Location.

Put Hero Doll on Ship Symbol

Now, head out of the house, and on the ground, you will find symbols. Notably, they are of an eye, candy, bird, flower, ship, and a page in the center. Following is the solution to the Hero Puzzle in Alan Wake 2.

  • Put Hero Doll on the Ship
  • Wait and pick up the Doll
  • Go up, inside the house, through the stairs, to pick up the charm
Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Puzzle Solution. Put Hero Doll on the Ship.

In Short: Find Hero Doll in the Cauldron Lake Witchfinder’s Station House, up the stairs. Then, come outside, and place the Hero Doll on the Ship Symbol to solve the Alan Wake 2 Hero Doll Puzzle.

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