COD MW3 Servers Down - Server Status and More

COD MW3 Servers Down – Server Status and More

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is the all-new MW3, a remake of the original and the OG. Getting the legendary characters back into the play, and enjoying the Zombies, but recently the COD MW3 Servers went down. What is the server status and how long will the COD MW3 be down for? We are here to discuss everything in detail.

COD MW3 Servers Down - Server Status and More

Is COD MW3 Down?

Yes, the game is down at the moment because of the server mishap that has happened and players are getting mad at the developers.

How long will it take to get the servers back up?

It will take a while, but most of the locations have the servers back up. To know whether it is fixed or not, you can check on the status or join a queue to get back into the game.

How to check the COD MW3 Server Status?

You can head over to the MW3 Reddit and from there, check what the players are doing and saying about the servers.

Also, there is a COD MW3 official X, formally Twitter, where all the reports are reported by the devs themselves.

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