Diablo 4 Locked Out of the Game - Fixed!

[Solved] Diablo 4 No Sound and Audio Bug

Diablo 4 is an exciting game being long-awaited by fans of the series. However, like any game, it is not without its issues. One of the most common problems reported by players is the “no audio” and “no sound” bug. This can be frustrating for players who want to fully immerse themselves in the game. If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix Diablo 4 No Sound and Audio Bug.

Diablo 4 No Sound and Audio Bug - Fixed!

Recently, Diablo 4 released the season 2 update called “Season of Blood” and now a lot of players are facing this no sound issue or bug within the game. Developers have acknowledged this issue. However, no patch or fix has been released yet for this. If you are facing this issue, all you can do is wait or follow the steps mentioned below but they don’t guarantee the fix for this issue.

Check Your Audio Settings

The first step in fixing the no-sound bug in Diablo 4 is to check your audio settings. Make sure that your speakers or headphones are properly connected to your computer and turned on. Also, check that the audio settings in the game are set up correctly. To do this, go to Options > Sound in the main menu and ensure that the audio settings are configured to your preferences.

Update Your Audio Drivers

If your audio settings are correct and you’re still not getting any audio in Diablo 4, it’s possible that your audio drivers are outdated. To fix this, you need to update your audio drivers. You can do this by going to the website of your audio device manufacturer and downloading the latest drivers. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to install the drivers correctly.

Verify Game Files

Sometimes, the Diablo 4 No Sound and Audio Bug can be caused by corrupted game files. To fix this, you need to verify the game files. To do this, go to the Battle.net app, click on Diablo 4, and select Options > Scan and Repair. This will scan your game files and fix any issues that it finds.

Check Your System Specs

If none of the above solutions work, it’s possible that your system specs are not powerful enough to run Diablo 4. Check the minimum system requirements for the game and compare them to your computer’s specifications. If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, you may need to upgrade your hardware to play the game.

Run the Game as an Administrator

Running the game as an administrator can sometimes fix the no audio bug in Diablo 4. To do this, right-click on the Diablo 4 icon on your desktop and select “Run as administrator”. This will give the game full access to your computer’s resources, which may be necessary to fix the audio issue.

Contact Support

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and you’re still experiencing the no audio bug in Diablo 4, it’s time to contact support. You can do this by going to the Blizzard Support website and submitting a ticket. Be sure to include as much information as possible about the issue, including what you’ve already tried to fix it.

Diablo 4 No Sound and Audio Bug - Fixed!


The Diablo 4 No Sound and Audio Bug can be frustrating, but it’s not a game-breaking issue. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to fix the issue and get back to enjoying the game. Remember to check your audio settings, update your audio drivers, verify game files, check your system specs, run the game as an administrator, and contact support if all else fails. Happy gaming!

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