How to Change FOV in Ghostrunner 2?

[Fixed] Ghostrunner 2 Ray Tracing Not Working

Ghostrunner 2 is the latest in the series of Ghostrunner, a cyberpunk-style, futuristic game that takes you on a journey against Artificial Intelligence. The game is perfect in every sense, including the gameplay and the graphics, but a few things are missing here and there.

In the settings, you can see that the Ray Tracing Option is Grayed Out in Ghostrunner 2. You can’t turn On the Ray Tracing in the game. But, there is a method to actually help you fix Ghostrunner 2 Ray Tracing Not Working.

[Fixed] Ghostrunner 2 Ray Tracing Not Working

Why is Ray Tracing Grayed Out in Ghostrunner 2?

Ray Tracing is a DX12 option while the game is running on DX11. It might seem that the game is initially on DX12, but once you start playing the game, it automatically shifts to DX11, disabling the option of Ray Tracing in Ghostrunner 2.

Therefore, the season behind Ghostrunner 2 having disabled the Ray Tracing Option is the DirectX version. Let’s fix that below.

How to Fix Ghostrunner 2 Ray Tracing Not Working?

To Fix Ray Tracing Not Working in Ghostrunner 2, force use DX12 in the game. How to do it? We have you covered below.

  • Open Steam
  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click on Gostrunner 2
  • Click on Properties
  • Remain on the General Tab
  • Head down to the Launch Options Heading
  • In the typing box below, write “-dx12”

Save and Exit! This will allow the Ghostrunner to run on DX12 instead of DX11, enabling the Ray Tracing Option. Refer to the image below for clear instructions.

Use DX12 on Steam instead of DX11 to Fix Ghostrunner 2 Raytracing Not Working.

Should you turn Ray Tracing On in Ghostrunner 2?

No, you shouldn’t as the game is bugged out on the Ray Tracing option. You are forcing the use of DX12 inside the game while it was programmed to be on DX11.

It results in the game lagging, stuttering, and crashing out of nowhere. Some people even had the Ghostrunner 2 Not Starting issue. Therefore, we don’t recommend Forcing DX12 to Use Ray Tracing in Ghostrunner 2

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