WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing, Working

[Fixed] WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing, Working

We have all sent the wrong message on WhatsApp, either with a typo or simply in the wrong context. Wouldn’t it be great if we could simply edit those mistakes out and change them later on? Well, that is exactly what the new WhatsApp Message Editing feature brings, allowing users to change the messages that are sent to someone.

But, WhatsApp Message Editing is not showing, or simply not working for you, right? There are various reasons behind that, and here in this guide, we are going to share with you that exact detail.

How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp?

There is a very simple method to Edit Messages on WhatsApp. First, head over to the Channel Update on WhatsApp that you want to edit. Click on the Drop-Down Arrow and then click on Edit.

Edit, what you want to change in the message, and then Check-Mark after finishing up. Here are the steps.

  • Go to WhatsApp Channel that you want to edit
  • Click on the drop-down arrow
  • Click on Edit
  • Do the changes to your WhatsApp Message
  • Click on the check mark

On the Smartphone, you can just hold the message and then various options will pop off. One of them is the Edit Message Feature.

There are a few extra things you need to note as well.

[Fixed] WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing, Working

Limitations of WhatsApp Message Edit

  • You can’t edit the messages on WhatsApp that passed 30 days time frame. Only the messages on WhatsApp that are under 30 days, can be edited. After that, you can’t edit the messages.
  • Besides this, you can’t edit your Media Files, including Videos and Photos. Only types of messages under 30 days can be edited.

Does editing WhatsApp Messages Send Notification?

No, when you edit the Channel Updates, it won’t send the notification to anyone. But, there is “edited” text showing as a time stamp, so they know this text was edited. They can’t see the text before editing.

Why is WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing or working?

The reason behind WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing is that it is Not Available in your region. The WhatsApp Editing update just rolled out, and it is not available to all the regions.

Tier 1 countries like the US and Europe are going to receive it at first, but not all. There are some major locations inside that will get the update first. Then, the update will start rolling out to everyone based on their location.

You can also join the waitlist and get the notification to the WhatsApp Channels Edit.

How to Fix WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing?

If you are in the region where the new Channel Editing update rolled out, you can try the following methods to fix WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing or Working.

Update WhatsApp Application

Head to the App or Play Store and from there search for WhatsApp. See, whether there is an Update Button popping off or not. If so, you need to update the app to get the WhatsApp Message Editing feature.

Disable VPN

If you are using a VPN, you need to disable it, to get the new Editing Feature on WhatsApp.

Check Internet

Finally, you can Fix the WhatsApp Message Editing Feature not showing or working by simply checking whether you are on WiFi or Data. If you are on Data, then go to a location, where you have working WiFi.

Application updates and new patches can be applied only through the WiFi, because of the Data inconsistency.

With that we are winding up our WhatsApp Message Editing Not Showing, Working Guide. Hope this helps you!

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