How to do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok?

How to do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok?

There is a new trend on TikTok where if two individuals have matching moon phases, then it indicates that they are soulmates. Here’s How to Do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok.

How to do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok?

TikTok has been the main trend maker nowadays including AI Yearbook Trend and here is a new soulmate test based on the moon phases. It goes as the “moon soulmate test” and is used to learn whether the lover you are after is your destiny or not.

Don’t mind if the moon phase doesn’t match because it is a joke at the end and just a fun way to mess around with people, especially your loved ones.

Did you know, there is a viral tube girl trend on TikTok as well?

What is the Moon Soulmate Test Trend?

Just like the other trends, this one revolves around Soulmates. A female user can look out for a male friend and a male can look out for a female depending on their moon phases.

Why is it viral?

Many of the creators were showcasing the use of the Moon Soulmate Test which made it a trend later on. There were even some who got the combination of a Complete Moon that just threw off the jaws of most people and they were simply drooling in awe.

But, just like anything else, there is a criticism involved on the back. Some people questioned the opposing moon phases and even combined them. The purpose was to make a full moon and if it didn’t, what did it mean?

You can call it a Soulmate Trend based on the Moon Phases specifically. As with any other Soulmate Trend, this one also became a viral trend. Nothing special here, everything’s a trend now!

How does the Moon Soulmate Test work?

Put in the name and the date of birth, and through that, it matches with the Moon Phase based on the details and gives you the Moon Phase match. It goes the same way for two people and they then know whether the Moon Phase matches or not.

It goes back to the spiritual traits of the partners. If the Moon Phase matches then it means the spiritual traits mean, symbolizing a happy relationship. You can call it a measure, but in reality, it doesn’t mean anything. Don’t go around throwing your partners from the balcony because of a simple trend.

How to do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok?
Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok

How to Do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok?

You will have to get the Moon Calculator on your smartphone and put in the information like date of birth. After putting in everything, the moon phase will shift depending on the day you were born, showing a character description and everything.

You can then compare it with your partner or someone you love – “Your Soulmate” and check what the Moon Phase says about these things. You can go even further and use it to match with other users on TikTok. Here are the steps to get the moon phase filter.

Steps to do Moon Soulmate Test

  • Download the Moon Phase Calculator from the website here
  • Enter the details including Date of Birth
  • Proceed and Moon Phase will be generated
  • All of this is based on the date of birth.
  • Head over to TikTok and share it with your viewers
How to Do Moon Soulmate Test Trend on TikTok?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Moon Soulmate Test authentic?

Some say it is authentic, while some say it isn’t. The Moon Phase details are the same for specific people while changing for others because they depend on your Date of Birth.

Should I be trusting Moon Soulmate Test?

No, you shouldn’t be trusting it because it is only a game made to enjoy with your partner or soulmate.

How to get the Moon Soulmate Test?

Just download it from the Moon Soulmate Test Calculator website and put in the details to get into the trend.

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