How to Do Soldier, Poet, King TikTok Trend

How to Do Soldier, Poet, King TikTok Trend

TikTok has its fair share of quizzes you can take part in, but the developers aren’t getting enough of those quizzes. Now, TikTok has come up with a Soldier, Poet, and King TikTok Trend that everyone has been confused about. Don’t worry, we got you back, and here is a detailed guide on How to Do Soldier, Port, King TikTok Quiz, and what’s this Trend, everyone has been going wild for.

What’s this Soldier, Poet, and King TikTok Trend

Soldier, Poet, King TikTok Trend

TikTok recently introduced a new TikTok Trend that goes by the name of “Are you a Soldier, Poet or a King”. Well, this describes what is going on here, but even if you are not sure, it is a test that can help you identify yourself as one of these three things.

Yes, that makes it a Personality Quiz, which TikTok already has tons of.

But why only Soldiers, poets, and kings?

The Test goes back to the good old song that goes by name of “Soldier, Poet, King“. It was made by Oh Hellos and Trend created by Nour.

How to Do Soldier, Poet, or King TikTok Quiz?

How to Do Soldier, Poet, King TikTok Quiz

In order to take part in this Quiz, you will have to go to their Official UQuiz Site.

There are a ton of questions… Like, around 20 that you need to answer, related to Duty in your sense, what if you had a crown and throne looks. You get the point here. These questions are related to either being a Poet, Soldier, or King.

Just make sure that you are putting in your name before you Start the Quiz. Get the questions done and after inquiry, you will be told whether you are a Soldier, Poet, or King.

Questions in Soldier, Poet, King TikTok Trend

  • What’s Duty
  • It’s 3 AM, what do you ask the ceiling?
  • If you would hold a crown it would…
  • Throw a wish to the world
  • The Throne Looks…
  • What is hell, anyway?
  • The sword is…
  • When you die, where will you go?
  • There are rules. How many?
  • How will you die?
  • Pick something fucked up
  • Who taught you about guilt?
  • A fear
  • What is a sin?
  • There is a home waiting for you. What does it have?
  • What does anger feel like?
  • You enter a town, it is…
  • The one who hurt you haunts you. In the nightmare, they say…
  • You leave the town and you leave it…
  • Pick a quote, and make it about love.

Final Verdict

Here in this Guide, we mentioned every detail of the How to Do Soldier, Poet, King TikTok Trend. There is nothing too complex, as you have to take part in 20 questions and the answers you choose defile your personality as a Soldier, a Poet, or a King. It is a personality test by TikTok, what more do you expect?

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