How To Fix Enshrouded Crashing (Steam)

How To Fix Enshrouded Multiplayer Not Working – Unable To Join Server

Enshrouded, the captivating action-adventure RPG offers players the opportunity to host dedicated servers for a seamless multiplayer experience.

If you’re encountering issues with joining a dedicated server in Enshrouded and experiencing game crashes, follow these steps to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem:

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Check Server Stability

Ensure that the dedicated server you are trying to join is stable and operational. Servers may experience downtime or instability, leading to connection issues.

Verify Server Connection

Confirm that your internet connection is stable. Unstable connections can result in difficulties joining servers and may lead to game crashes.

Update Game and Server

Make sure both your Enshrouded game client and the dedicated server software are updated to the latest versions. Incompatibilities between versions can cause connectivity issues.

Server Password and Configuration

Double-check the server password and configuration settings. Incorrect settings might prevent successful connections and result in crashes.

Firewall and Antivirus Settings

Adjust your firewall and antivirus settings to allow Enshrouded and the dedicated server software to communicate freely. Blocking connections can lead to connection failures.

Server Mod Compatibility

If the server is running mods, ensure that your game client has the same mods installed and that they are compatible with the server. Mismatched or incompatible mods can cause crashes.

Verify Game Files

On platforms like Steam, verify the integrity of your Enshrouded game files. Corrupted files can lead to crashes and connection issues.

Lower In-Game Settings

Reduce your in-game graphics settings to the lowest possible configuration. This can help alleviate strain on your system and reduce the likelihood of crashes.

Check Server Capacity

If the server is at full capacity, you may experience issues joining. Wait for an available slot or consider joining a less crowded server.

Contact Server Administrator

Reach out to the administrator of the dedicated server for assistance. They may be aware of specific issues or provide guidance on resolving connection problems.

Submit Bug Report

If the problem persists, consider submitting a bug report to the Enshrouded developers. Include details about the issue, steps to reproduce it, and any error messages received.

Final Words

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot and address the “Unable to Join Dedicated Server” issue in Enshrouded, along with any associated game crashes. Experiment with each solution to find the one that resolves your specific problem.

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