How to Fix Phone Screen Automatically Dimming

How to Fix Phone Automatically Dimming

We all encountered strange issues with our Phone Screens, some might be related to Pixels, some might be related to Panels or some simply are because of Software like certain changes to our Phone options. One certain issue is the Phone Automatically Dimming that is mostly related to Auto Brightness. But, if it still persists after turning that off there are no traditional fixing to it. So, we went ahead and compiled this Guide on How to Fix your Phone Automatically Dimming in order to help you out.

Reasons for Phone Automatically Dimming

Phone Dimming

Most of the time it is related to either your Software of Mobile like an option internally, an application that changes your Phone Settings or a Hardware Issue if nothing else is working out. On the Hardware side, it might be your Phone Panel or the Proximity Sensor. Learn How to ScreenCast and Mirror Phone to PC here.

How to Fix Phone Automatically Dimming

Check Saving Mode

Power Mode in Phone

There is a Saving Mode on your Phone that automatically Lowers the Power of your Screen, resulting in the Phone Screen Automatically Dimming. It might either make your phone screen go blank when you are on a call near your ear or when you don’t use the phone for a while and it turns off automatically.

In order to solve this, you need to find the Power Saving Options on your Phone and turn it off. It can either be in Battery Section or Power Section of your Phone.

Auto Brightness Options

Auto Brightness

Both on your Android and iPhone, you will find the options for Auto Brightness on your Phone Notification Screen and in the Options for Display. Just as the name suggests, it will lower your screen brightness automatically.

Proximity Sensor Check

Proximity Sensor on Phone

Every Phone you have has a Proximity Sensor on top of the screen. It results in your Phone sensing the object upfront and lowering the Screen when it is near. When you are making a call the Screen starts Dimming or when you put the finger over it or even when a shadow appears on the Proximity Sensor.

Your Phone has a check which allows you to know whether it is working or not. If it isn’t working you can know that it starts Dimming the Phone Screen unintentionally. You can check out how to do a full test for the Proximity Sensor here.

Heating Up Issue

Phone Heating up

If you are wondering there is nothing works for your phone and still want to know How to Fix Phone Automatically Dimming, then check the Heat Status of your phone. In case your are using the Phone on a Sunny Day or there is a lot of usage on your Phone, then it will start Heating up.

Check the back for that reason and you will know whether it is truly heating or not. If it is heating don’t get surprised by your Phone Screen Automatically Dimming. There is a certain threshold for your Phone when it comes to heating up. When that threshold reaches, your Phone will start getting Dim.

The reason this is done is to stop the hardware damage on your Phone, either it is Android or iPhone. To solve, this you need to remove the background apps running, remove the case from your Phone and take a few seconds off the screen or turn it off.


Phone Display Updates

When it comes to Phone Automatically Dimming due to glitches or some sort of lags, then it is related to the Phone Software or simple the Updates. In the Settings, go to the Software Update and check whether there is Software Update available.

Screen Mode

Light and Dark Screen Mode

Nowadays you will find Dark Mode and Light Mode in your Phones, especially your applications like Google, Chrome, YouTube and so on. The difference between both of these modes can result in your Phone Dimming.

In order to Fix this, you need to go back to the Display Settings of your Phone and check the Light and Dark Mode. Switch between the two and note the difference. It might be the Dark Mode messing up your Phone Screen Dimming automatically.

Night Shift

Night Shift

Another amazing options in your phone is Night Shift. The basic purpose of this options is to change the tone of your Phone and also the brightness of your Screen in order to save your eyesight. It will Dim the Phone Automatically resulting.

In order to fix this, you will have to go down to the Display section in your settings or the Sleep section. There you will find the Night Shift or some other options that changes your Phone’s Color.

Third Part Apps

Apps with Permission

The last solution on How to Fix Phone Automatically Dimming is none other than checking your Third Party Applications. There might be some app your downloaded that has permissions to mess with your Phone Brightness or Display.

Go to your Settings and then into the Permissions section, either separately or under the Apps menu. Then you can check out all the suspicious applications that have permission to mess with your Display or Screen. Get rid of them and your will solve your Phone Automatically Dimming.

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Final Verdict

Well these are all the solutions in our How to Fix Phone Automatically Dimming Guide. Keep in mind that mostly it is related to these issues but if nothing works, you need to get an expert to check your Phone’s Hardware. Don’t prolong this because sometimes the trouble reaches Phone’s Panel which you will have to get a new one for a lot of cash.

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