How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin

How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin

Getting Glow Pikmin is a mystery on its own and players are having trouble understanding them. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin.

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Unlocking and Using Glow Pikmin

Unlocking Glow Pikmin

Glow Pikmin are unlocked once you get night expeditions. Those are further unlocked once you unlock a very specific person in the game named “Yanny”. You will have to do a bunch of rescues inside the caves and “Yanny” will give you night expeditions.

Uses of Glow Pikmin

These are the only locations where you have to use the Glow Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

In the Night Expedition, you can use the Glow Pikmin by throwing them on the Star Piles. They can collect them and store them in a strange elevated structure.

Afterward, they will come back to you, teleporting automatically. It doesn’t take too much time for them to collect the Star Piles.

Another interesting thing about Glow Pikmin is that they can actually swim in the game. Besides this, they are pretty much like typical Pikmin in the game.

Finally, in really hard caves where you mess up and don’t have enough Pikmin, you can just throw the Pikmin Seeds on the ground and will have insane numbers of other Pikmin available.

Uses of Glow Pikmin in Pikmin 4

How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin?

More Glow Pikmin from Night Expedition

To get more Glow Pikmin, you will have to get into the Night Expedition and look for the Star Piles. One way to get more Glow Pikmin is to make the Glow Pikmin carry and store those.

When they will return, the number of Glow Pikmin is going to be more than usual. There are also Hives/Lums here that are used to store these Stars. You have to save them from the enemies in the Night Expedition to increase the number of Glow Pikmin in Pikmin 4.

All in one, Glow Pikmin are used in Night Expedition, where they carry the Star Piles and store them in the Hives/Lums. This results in your getting more Pikmin.

How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin - Through Star Piles in Night Expeditions

More Glow Pikmin through Glow Seeds

When it comes to the Glow Seeds, they can be found in your inventory, by pressing Y and going to the Pack. There are Glow Seeds that are used to produce Glow Pikmin.

Put them in the ground and you will get more Glow Pikmin as a result. That is everything in our guide on How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin. Hope this helps!

How to Get More Pikmin 4 Glow Pikmin - Through Glow Seeds

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