How To Get The Secret Sorrow Weapon in Remnant 2

How To Get The Secret Sorrow Weapon in Remnant 2

Step into the haunting world of Remnant 2, where darkness and danger lurk around every corner. As you venture forth, you’ll encounter powerful foes, colossal bosses, and unique weapons that will aid you in your quest. Among these coveted weapons lies the enigmatic Sorrow Crossbow Handgun – a mystical pistol capable of recalling its bolts to heal its wielder.

In this guide, we will unravel How To Get The Secret Sorrow Weapon in Remnant 2. This powerful weapon is not easily acquired through conventional means; you must undertake a specific quest and interact with a mysterious NPC to claim this extraordinary firearm. Join us as we embark on this journey to discover the hidden path that leads to the Sorrow Handgun.

How To Get The Secret Sorrow Weapon in Remnant 2

How To Get The Secret Sorrow Weapon in Remnant 2

The Sorrow Crossbow Handgun is not a weapon that you will stumble upon in your regular adventures. Instead, it requires a specific set of actions and interactions to obtain this mystical pistol. Follow these steps carefully to wield the power of the Sorrow Handgun:

Defeat Kaeula’s Shadow Boss

Your journey to the Sorrow Handgun begins with facing the formidable Kaeula’s Shadow boss in the Kaeula’s Rest region of Yaesha. Triumph over this menacing foe to receive the Tear of Kaeula ring as a reward, among other treasures.

Find Verdant Meidra in Faithless Thicket

With the Tear of Kaeula ring in hand, make your way to the Faithless Thicket area in Yaesha. Seek out an easily recognizable purple tree, and there you will find Verdant Meidra, an intriguing NPC.

Interact with Verdant Meidra

Engage in conversation with Verdant Meidra and listen to her words. During your interaction, you will be presented with a crucial decision involving the Tear of Kaeula ring. Choose wisely, as this choice will determine your access to the Sorrow Handgun.

Acquire the Sorrow Crossbow Handgun

Based on your decision during the interaction with Verdant Meidra, you will be granted access to the Sorrow Handgun. Embrace its mystical power and wield it with precision against the encroaching darkness.

How To Get The Secret Sorrow Weapon in Remnant 2

Final Words

The Sorrow Handgun is not just a mere weapon; it is a relic of great significance, bearing the last vestiges of a fallen sister. With its ability to recall bolts and heal the wielder, the Sorrow Handgun becomes an invaluable asset in your battle against the horrors that plague Remnant 2.

Now, armed with the knowledge of how to obtain the Sorrow Handgun, venture forth into the dark realms, face the shadows that lurk, and unleash the power of the mystical crossbow pistol upon your foes. The fate of Remnant 2 rests in your hands, brave adventurer.

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