How to Get Saga's Shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

How to Get Saga’s Shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is one of the best Survival Horror Games to exist, succeeding Alan Wake 1, and was developed by the Remedy Studio. You start off as an investigator for the FBI, and then things pretty much start immediately; nightmares, dark entities, monsters, and everything is thrown right at you.

The only thing that can help you feel safe up close is a shotgun, but where to find one? Here, in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to Get Saga’s Shotgun in Alan Wake 2.

Saga Anderson is the new character in the game, working as an FBI agent, and solving strange murders. Just like the Author, Alan himself, she is also dragged into this nightmare stuff.

Where to Find Saga Anderson Shotgun in Alan Wake 2?

You can get this shotgun in the mission of Chapter 2 of “The Return 2”, called “The Heart”. As you follow onwards with the main story, you will be brought to “Cauldron Lake General Store”.

As soon as you step inside the store, you will find a running deer in front of you. Soon after, you will be greeted with an enemy who has a deer mask on.

You can get Saga's Shotgun in Alan Wake 2 " The Return 2" mission "The Heart", just behind the enemy.

You need to fight that psycho human-like enemy, and then head inside the room behind it, the same he broke out of. Exactly on your right, hanging on the wall inside a showcase, you will find a Shotgun.

To get the Saga’s Shotgun in Alan Wake 2, you will have to open the lock. Enter the “7 3 9” Code to Open the Shotgun Showcase.

7 3 9 is the code to locked Shotgun in Alan Wake 2


  • Begin Chapter 2 – Return 2 “The Heart” Mission
  • Head inside the General Store
  • Kill the enemy wearing a Deer Mask
  • Head inside the broken room entrance
  • Enter “7 3 9” to get the Saga Anderson’s Shotgun

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