How to Get to The Hive in Hollow Knight

How to Get to The Hive in Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight, a captivating 2D adventure and Metroidvania game developed by Team Cherry. In this atmospheric and beautifully hand-drawn game, players immerse themselves in the hauntingly atmospheric kingdom of Hallownest, playing as a Hollow Knight.

In the secret-filled world of Hollow Knight, you will find “The Hive“, a hidden location ruled by bees, and on top they have their bee queen. The Hollow Knight Hive is filled with unique challenges and valuable rewards for those who dare to explore its depths.

In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover How to Get to The Hive in Hollow Knight and the treasures it holds, ensuring you are fully equipped to embark on this mesmerizing journey through the honeycombed wonders of Hollow Knight.

How to Get to The Hive in Hollow Knight

How to Get to The Hive in Hollow Knight?

The Hive is an optional area in Hollow Knight, and reaching it requires a few specific steps. Follow this guide to gain access to The Hive and unlock its secrets:

Obtain the Tram Pass

To access The Hive, you must first acquire the Tram Pass. This essential item enables you to ride the tram and reach various areas in Hallownest, including The Hive.

Head to Kingdom’s Edge

With the Tram Pass in hand, make your way to Kingdom’s Edge, an area where The Hive is located. You can reach Kingdom’s Edge by taking the tram from either Deepnest or the Ancient Basin.

Locate the Secret Wall

Once in Kingdom’s Edge, explore the area to find a breakable wall. This secret wall is hidden behind two Hivelings, hostile bee-like creatures guarding the entrance to The Hive.

Destroy the Wall

Use your formidable abilities, such as the Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul spell, or demonstrate your wall-jumping skills to shatter the secret wall. This will unveil the entrance to The Hive, allowing you to venture into its honey-filled depths.

The Hive’s Hidden Treasures

As you traverse The Hive, you will encounter various foes, including Hivelings, Hive Soldiers, Hive Guardians, and the formidable Hive Knight, who serves as an optional boss battle. Defeating the Hive Knight grants you the coveted Hiveblood Charm and offers insight into The Hive’s backstory, shared by an interactable NPC, Hive Queen Vespa.

Beyond the thrilling battles, The Hive conceals valuable collectibles waiting to be discovered. Among these are ten Geo Deposits, two Grubs, a Mask Shard, and a Whispering Root that yields 20 essences, enriching your Hollow Knight experience.

Please Note: Exploring The Hive in Hollow Knight is optional, but it offers rewarding experiences for those willing to take on its trials and unearth its hidden secrets. Best of luck in your Hollow Knight adventure!


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