How to Lift Loose Stone in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3)

How To Move A Loose Stone In BG3 Grymforge

  • Move those mysterious Loose Stones in Baldur’s Gate 3 for a chance to uncover exclusive items, adding an element of luck and surprise to your adventure.
  • To move the Loose Stones, make sure your character has a Strength stat of over 10. Need a boost? Try an “Elixir of Giant Strength” or similar potions for a temporary strength increase.
  • Don’t just rely on brawn! Use spells like Thunderwave to magically shift those stones, revealing the secrets beneath and adding a touch of wizardry to your exploration in BG3.

Ever stumble upon a suspicious-looking rock in Baldur’s Gate 3, just begging to be nudged? Those, my friend, are Loose Stones, holding secrets and surprises beneath their rough exteriors. But how do you move them? Fear not, treasure hunter! This guide will crack the code and have you pocketing loot in no time.

What are Loose Stones?

Imagine exploring the world, eyes peeled for adventure, when you spot a slightly wobbly stone. These are Loose Stones, and they’re more than just scenery. Pry them open, and you might find anything from a handy potion to a legendary weapon! The thrill of the unknown is half the fun, but be warned: sometimes, they might be empty-handed (or should I say, stone-handed?).

Just like Loose Stones, there are Cracked Stone Floors that you can Break in BG3.

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Loose Stones are part of broken hill in Baldur's Gate 3 (BG3), that you can lift or move by using Strength Character, or Using Spells like Thunderwave

How to Lift Loose Stone in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)?

Strength is Your Key

Think of those Loose Stones as stubborn gym rats. You need a character with Strength above 10 to budge them. So, if you’re built more for brains than brawn, fear not!

Boost Your Power-Up

Low on strength? Don’t despair! Grab an Elixir of Giant Strength or a Strength Potion. These temporary buffs will turn your character into a rock-lifting machine – for a short while, at least.

Magic to the Rescue

Wizards and Sorcerers, rejoice! Spells like Thunderwave can push objects, including those pesky Loose Stones. So, unleash your inner mage and blast them out of the way!

Final Words

Loose Stones stand as barriers on your path, concealing surprises. They might reveal treasures or remain stubbornly unmoved. To lift these stones, you’ll need a character with Strength over 10, some strength-enhancing elixirs, and spells like Thunderwave.

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