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What Is BG3 Old Garlows Place?

Old Garlow’s Place in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a significant location entrenched in quests, mysteries, and tales pivotal to the game’s progression. Old Garlow’s Place serves as a new refuge for the Hag Survivors after their eviction from Barren’s Coop, though it’s fallen into disrepair. It’s the house of a game NPC auntie ethel.

It’s a central hub for quests like “Help the Hag Survivors” offering clues and items integral to these storylines. Within its cellar, tales abound of a hidden chest concealed behind a wall, puzzling players on how to access it.

Where is BG3 Old Garlows Place?

Head southwards from the city. South of the Waypoint labeled as Lower City, this rundown house awaits exploration. Look for clues mentioning a somewhat neglected house; that’s Old Garlow’s Place.

What’s hidden in this place?

There is a concealed chest on the ground floor, hidden in a wall at eye level. You need to use a lockpick to open the chest, within the chest, you will get the recipe for Hag’s Bane potion and the item to craft the potion.

You need to craft this item in order to defeat Auntie Ethel. This potion will help you against Ethel.

Final Words

Old Garlow’s Place in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a crucial location tied to quests and mysteries. This rundown house conceals a hidden chest on the ground floor. Inside, a lockpicked chest reveals the recipe for the Hag’s Bane potion, vital for overcoming Ethel. It’s a pivotal spot south of Lower City, offering key items integral to advancing quests.

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