How to Play Hogwarts Legacy With Friends

How to Play Hogwarts Legacy With Friends

Hogwarts Legacy is a video game that has captured the imagination of Harry Potter fans worldwide. As a fifth-year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, players will attend classes, learn spells, and explore the castle. While playing solo can be fun, playing with friends can make the experience even more enjoyable. In this blog post, we’ll explore some options, on how to play Hogwarts Legacy With Friends.

How to Play Hogwarts Legacy With Friends

Stream the Game

One way to play Hogwarts Legacy with friends is to live-stream the game, while you play, your friends can watch the game. While this option doesn’t allow for a specific co-op mode, this can be fun, as they can watch you play.

Use the HogWarp mod

Another option is to use the HogWarp mod, which was created by the Together Team. This mod allows players to explore the game together, adding a new level of fun and replay value. The Together Team is known for their high-quality co-op mods on PC, so you can be confident in the mod’s quality.

Wait for the Hogwarts Legacy co-op mod

While there is no official support for co-op in Hogwarts Legacy, a co-op mod is currently in development. While the mod is still in the early stages and has some issues, it should allow players to go on quests with their friends.

How to Play Hogwarts Legacy With Friends


Playing Hogwarts Legacy with friends can make for an even more enjoyable experience. Although there is no official co-op mode in the game, there are still some options available to play with friends, such as streaming the game, using the HogWarp mod, or waiting for the upcoming co-op mod. However, there is no official multiplayer support for Hogwarts Legacy. The developers confirmed that the game will remain single-player.

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