JJK Gojo's Green-White Cursed Technique - Satarou Gojo's Last Technique and Return

JJK Gojo’s Green-White Cursed Technique – Satoru Gojo’s Last Technique and Return

In JJK Chapter 242, there were some hints about the return of Gojo through Takaba’s Culling Game Cursed Technique. But, besides this, we also got some spectacular hidden spoilers from the writer about Gojo’s new Green-White Cursed Technique. Let’s get into the details below.

Takaba’s Change of Reality – Culling Game Technique

In the JJK Chapter 242, we got to witness Takaba’s reality-breaking powers called the Culling Game, where he just wants another person to have fun participating in his Culling Game.

In a culling game, you have two partners on the comedy stage, one of them is a jolly and funny member, while the other is a serious and expressionless person.

Takaba is the first person, while he is missing his serious partner, which he is finding in Kenjaku, by imagining different scenarios and conjuring them into reality.

On top of this, Takaba also is using Soul Resonance, where he can manipulate the imagination and thoughts of others, taking hold of their memories.

Takaba's Cursed Technique - Culling Game/Reality Break Explained

JJK Gojo’s Green-White Cursed Technique and Return

As Kenjaku is using Geto’s memories with Gojo, if he were to play with Takaba, it would result in the beginning of a new arc, where Gojo makes a return and comes back to reality.

Gege is foreshadowing the finale of Takaba’s Ultimate Joke in front of a large audience which links back to chapter 77 called “premature death”. Gojo was on stage with Geto in this chapter.

Chapter 77 called "premature death" - Gojo and Geto on the stage in Culling Game

In the game show that Takaba imagined and turned into reality, playing with Kenjaku in his JJK Takaba vs Kenjaku, we see the host asking a question about particles and nuclear physics.

In return, Kenjaku replies that the group of subatomic particles that create strong reactions is called a Hadron. The question was “In the field of particles and nuclear physics, what is the term for the elements particle that is held together by the strong interaction”.

So, the correct answer to that in JJK 242 from Kenjaku is “A Hadron“. Hadrons are also made of quarks that have three colors in total: Red, Blue, and Green Quarks.

Kenjaku answers with Hadron, having 3 Quarks of Red, Blue and Green Color. Green Technique will be learned by Gojo upon second return, and he will combine all colors to make White Cursed Technique

Does this seem familiar? Well, Gojo has a grip over the Red and Blue Cursed Technique, and combining both gives rise to the Purple Cursed Technique. The final he will learn is the Green Technique.

Based on the the Buddha’s life story, it gives rise to the Second Rebirth/Awakening, where Gojo will take up the North Route, return enlightened, set aside his ego, and learn a new, as well as final technique “The White Cursed Technique“, after learning the Green Cursed Technique and combining it with his Red and Blue.

Kenjaku answers with Hadron, having 3 Quarks of Red, Blue and Green Color. Green Technique will be learned by Gojo upon second return, and he will combine all colors to make White Cursed Technique


In Chapters 242 and 243, we got to witness the amazing Culling Game Technique from Takaba, where he can change his imagination and thoughts to reality, not only from himself but also from the thoughts of others through Souls Resonance.

Furthermore, when he was on stage playing games with Kenjaki, we saw the host asking questions to Kenjaki. One of them was about particles, and in response to that Kenjaku replied “Hadron“.

Hadrons have three quarks of different colors: Red, Blue, and Green. Gojo learned about Red and Blue, and combined those in his first death against Toji, making the Purple Cursed Technique.

Now, in the second rebirth of Gojo, as he chose North to come back, he will learn the Green Technique, and combine that with Red and Green to make the White Cursed Technique, his final and most powerful one.

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