JJK Yamata No Orochi Explained

JJK Yamata No Orochi Explained

The most awaited battle in the series finally happened “Sukuna vs Mahoraga“. The episode started with Megumi summoning Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.

After Megumi’s fight with Toji, he was badly hurt and exhausted and then suddenly Haruto comes and slashes his back.

Megumi then reveals his trump card by summoning the Mahoraga. However, he knew that he could not tame Mahoraga so he hoped that he would die along with Haruto.

Sukuna had other plans for Megumi, so he saved Megumi using the Reverse Curse Technique and started fighting Mahoraga.

JJK Yamata No Orochi Explained

Who is Yamata No Orochi

While Sukuna is fighting with Mahoraga, he mentions Yamata No Orochi. He says “Just as I thought, It’s similar to Yamata No Orochi, referring to Mahoraga. In “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Orochi is a giant snake shikigami used by Megumi. However, Yamata No Orochi is not the same shinigami or cursed spirit. It was never mentioned before and it was never mentioned afterwards either.

Some fans believe it is an ancient 8-headed snake cursed spirit and it was most likely killed by Sukuna. Also, some fans believe it is an ancient serpent that didn’t exist in the JJKverse but is mythological creature was mentioned simply because of the similar abilities that they possess. However, the creature was never mentioned again in the JJK universe.

Final Words

There is no actual information on the creature. The writer didn’t bother explaining about it either as there is a high chance the cursed spirit was killed in the past and there is no point in finding out about a creature that is already dead.

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