One Piece Yasuie Explained

One Piece Yasuie Explained

One Piece Wano Arc was filled with captivating and unique characters, and one of them is no doubt Shimotsuki Yasuie, also known by the audience as “One Piece Yasuie”. His nickname is Yasu the Hedgehog and belongs to the Shimotsuki Family.

He is a Taikomochi, also known as a Jester, living in the Ebisu Tower which isn’t in the capital, but rather just beside it. His main role lies in his adopting Toko besides sacrificing himself for the events later on allowing the dethroning of Orochi.

All of this symbolizes his simplicity and the sheer caring nature he holds. Let us go into the depths of One Piece Yasuie, explaining the character in detail.

One Piece Yasuie Explained

The sacrifice of Yasuie in One Piece Wano Arc

Before Kurozumi Orochi’s governance power, there was the Kozuki Family ruling over the Wano and at that time Yasuie was Hakumai’s Daimyo, an esteemed contributed to the governance, the piece in the area, and upholding its prosperity.

But, as soon as Kurozumi Orochi took control over the governing body and rose to power as a politician in Wano, things started to change.

Yet, in the midst of all the injustice and crimes, Yasuie held his foot as a symbol of justice and bravery. Twenty years of Kurozumi Orochi’s rule resulted in oppression, injustice, and war crimes, it was Yasuie who made the sacrifice, and none other.

One Piece Yasuie gave up his life, sacrificing for a better cause, and overwhelmed the forces of Shogun. In return, it was also his sacrifice that led to Kozuki Momonosuke’s revolution being facilitated, and holding its ground.

Later on, we also see the same revolution led by Momonosuke taking steps forward as they got the hope needed to do so, just because of Yasuie’s Sacrifice.

The sacrifice of Yasuie in One Piece Wano Arc

Yasuie’s Shelter and Care to Oden

After the governance of Kurozumi Orochi on the Land of Wano, Kozuki Oden met a terrible fate, as he was exiled from the capital and banished once and for all.

Later on, we saw Oden indulge in the Mountain God Incident and later was even thrown out of the Flower Capital.

It was Yasuie who took Oden and gave him shelter, showcasing once again how positive natured Yasuie actually was.

Not only that Yasuie was truly thoughtful about Oden and what will happen to him. He really cared for Oden and showed his admiration, which was showcased later on when everyone was pointing toward Oden for stealing the funds, but Yasuie didn’t even show suspicion of Oden.

Yasuie's Shelter and Care to Oden

Yasuie’s Physical Appearance and Personality

One Piece is known for making some really unique animations and drawings of characters. They might seem like short and powerless characters at first sight, but under the shirt, they have a muscular physique and massive height.

One Piece Yasuie is a similar character, who is seen as a jolly and excited figure, always jumping up and down, and making jokes, but underneath that mask, he is actually one of the strongest-willed and smartest characters.

Yasuie’s Physical Appearance

He is a short and quite thin man with a massive head. To carry on with his jolly appearance, he has a thin mustache, blue-colored eyebrows, and pink blush marks on both cheeks.

Going towards his hair, he is seen wearing a scarf over his head, but underneath, he has afro hair that is quite similar to the spine of a hedgehog.

But these are all the details related to his old age. Around 20 to 25 years from now, in his adulthood, he was tall, muscular, and had serious expressions on his face. Typical One Piece animation that changes characters over time.

Yasuie's Physical Appearance and Personality

Yasuie’s Personality

  • He doesn’t take offense as seen when called trash
  • He is kind and caring
  • Supporting others can take a toll on him as seen when using the daughter’s earnings for the town but not using himself
  • He is a generous soul and upholds ethics
  • A charming soul, as all people like to trust him and hang around with him
  • Might not look like it, but he is quite intelligent and knows what is happening around him
  • One Piece Yasuie also consumed Smile Fuit which resulted in him continuously smiling
Yasuie's Physical Appearance and Personality

One Piece Yasuie’s Abilities

  • He had influence over the land and also held authority because he was Hakumai’s Daimyo.
  • He was clever to turn around the authorities without them knowing.
  • He was a marvelous planner who not only outsmarted the forces but also the ruler Orochi.
  • He could instantly see the situation and make a plan in his head.

Yasuie and Smile Fruit

When Toko’s parents died, Yasuie took her in and adopted her, giving her all the love a father can give to her daughter. When Toko ate a defective smile fruit by accident, One Piece Yasuie went ahead and ate a Smile Fruit himself, just to showcase his support for Toko, as she wouldn’t feel alone.

One Piece Yasuie and Smile Fruit

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