Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing - 3 Differences and 3 Similarities

Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing – 3 Differences and 3 Similarities

Marketing refers to activities undertaken by the company to promote or sell their products. It includes advertising, selling, and delivering the products to the customer. 

Focusing on marketing as the subject, there are two types of marketing; digital and traditional marketing. 

Online marketing refers to the process that occurs on the internet or digital platform. It is the modern form of marketing where businesses meet their potential clients and promote their products via email, social media, and search engines. 

Whereas traditional marketing is synonymous with offline marketing, the company uses newspapers, billboards, and radio to promote its products. It helps to form a personal connection with customers. 

You have guessed it right. Today, we will focus on the similarities between online and traditional marketing. 

Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing - 3 Differences and 3 Similarities


Even today, the marketing area has changed, but its ethos and values are similar, i.e., customers and focusing on building a strategy around them. 

So, let’s discuss some similarities – 

Four Ps of Marketing 

Whether offline or online, both forms of marketing follow the four Ps of marketing: price, place, product, and promotion.  

It is fundamental for both forms to follow the rule to make a connection with the customer and then promote the product. Even though places are different, they are interdependent with each other. 

And a business with a good online presence can drive sales in the offline store. 

In short, both are important to increase the company’s brand awareness among customers. 

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Latest Trend 

The general rule of marketing is to follow the trend; similarly, both forms of marketing perform the same process to attract customers. 

Nowadays, trends are important as they drive a customer’s lifestyle, so following the latest trend worldwide keeps the customers connected to the business. 

It also might help the company to bring in more customers and expand its market share. 


Following the similarities, there are differences between online and traditional marketing. 

Here are some dissimilarities – 


In this case, online marketing edges over traditional marketing. As almost everyone has smartphones today, it becomes easier for companies to promote their product globally. 

Just take a picture or make a video and upload it for the rest of the world to see. It can reach millions of people in a matter of seconds. 

Their reach is limited in traditional marketing, as they are restricted to billboards, newspapers, and radio.  


Online marketing is cost-effective; you do not have to invest in advertisements and promotions. You only have to target customers through emails or social media, where their engagement increases.  

Further, in the case of influencer marketing, it is more profitable as you have just given the keyword and product, and the personality will craft the rest.

And it helps build better customer relationships, which is a plus. 

In traditional marketing, you must invest heavily to make the brand visible to customers. Promotions and advertisements take up huge tasks, as all the departments must be taken care of to bring the product to the customers.   

Online Marketing and Traditional Marketing - 3 Differences and 3 Similarities


Traditional marketing focuses on building personal relationships with customers, as it focuses on engaging with the customers at a personal level. But the actions involved are often perceived as one-way. 

Whereas in online marketing, communication takes two days, as sometimes the customer posts a quarry of the products, ensuring that the product is well-received and the customer is well aware of it.   

In the End 

In conclusion, we can add that online marketing is better than traditional marketing, even though the core values and ethos are the same. 

The difference lies in customer acquisition and as a way of communicating with new customers. For any query, contact us.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games